8 of modern music’s juiciest feuds


Who doesn’t love a good feud between musicians?

It doesn’t matter the genre – pop, rock, hip-hop, whatever – you can be sure there are two artists who just don’t get along and want to make their feelings about it publicly known.

If nothing else, musical feuds are at best a bit of voyeur entertainment and at worst a welcome distraction from everyday life – something we all need now, more than ever. On that note, here are some of the biggest meltdowns in music history.


When they said, “Keep it in the family,” they didn’t really mean it like that. Liam and Noel Gallagher aren’t the first siblings to fall out, but their spat is certainly among the most high-profile. The couple haven’t gotten along since Oasis ended acrimoniously backstage at a festival in Paris in 2009. They’ve been tossing beards ever since — at least Liam has been tossing them, calling his big brother “the Ronnie Corbett”. of rock ‘n’ roll” and his new band “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Smurfs”, and repeatedly calling him a “potato”. Noel’s retorts were equally hilarious, including the now-iconic: “Liam is a man with a fork in a world full of soup.” On the one hand, we’d love for Oasis to come together; on the other, we would miss the drama.


Arguably the biggest (certainly one of the boldest) feuds of the past decade, it all started, of course, with Yeezy unceremoniously grabbing Taylor Swift’s mic at the 2009 VMAs as she accepted the award for ” Best female video”. . Since then, relations have gone from bad to worse; when they seemed to settle their differences a few years ago, West fanned the flames by referring to Swift as “that female dog” in his song “Famous”, and later turned out to be twisting the truth (by posting parts from the phone call they had) about Swift giving her permission to use her name in the song. This one could work and run for years.


Biggest feud rap music has ever seen? Very probably. Unfortunately, neither 2Pac nor Biggie are here to have a say yet. The pair became friends after meeting on the set of the 1993 film ‘Poetic Justice’, with 2Pac taking the newcomer under his wing. However, the following year, their friendship soured when 2Pac was shot in a New York studio and believed Biggie knew the culprit (which he denied). Biggie’s single “Who Shot Ya?” a month later didn’t help matters, despite his claims that it was written long before the attack. The pair then became embroiled in the soured rap rivalry between East Coast and West Coast and 2Pac was shot in 1996, before they had a chance to reconcile. Biggie suffered the same fate six months later.

Madonna was right on one point: Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” sounds suspiciously like her song “Express Yourself.” Of course, she didn’t say it so politely in 2011, when she called Gaga’s song a “blatant rip-off” and called it “reductive”; fans also noted how Gaga borrowed many of Madge’s previously used images, including her famous conical bras. In the years since, the two artists have continued to do subtle digs at each other — with Gaga dismissing comparisons because she “[plays] many instruments. I write all my own music. I spend hours a day in the studio. I am a producer. I am a writer. What I do is different.” Ooof. Madonna just won’t let it go, though; in 2018, she posted an old interview clip on Instagram that Gaga seemed to reuse almost verbatim when promoting for ‘ A Star is Born ” Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…


It was a strange but short-lived case. Presumably with the best of intentions, Sinead O’Connor wrote an open letter to Cyrus in 2013 (just after the infamous “Wrecking Ball” video was released) warning her that she was being “whored” by the industry. music and that she was probably going to end up in rehab. The 20-year-old didn’t appreciate O’Connor’s motherly advice, instead poking fun at her mental health issues on Twitter. O’Connor then responded with an angry Facebook post exposing Cyrus for his cruelty and warning him that his lawyers would be contacted; Cyrus replied bluntly, “Sinead. I don’t have time to write you an open letter because I’m hosting and performing on SNL this week. So if you would like to meet and talk let me know in your next letter. :)”. If they ended up crossing paths? Who knows. It seems, from their respective interviews after the online spat, that they at least came to a mutual understanding, with Cyrus calling the Irish singer of “incredible artist” and O’Connor blaming the industry during a “Late Late Show” interview.


It was a particularly voyeuristic feud, as it involved the two musicians’ personal lives rather than just differences regarding their creative output. It all started in 2012, when White allegedly banned Black Keys vocalist and guitarist Dan Auerbach from his Nashville studio. A year later, their feud was made public during the divorce hearings between White and Karen Elson, when leaked emails revealed how angry White was that their two children attended the same school as Auerbach’s children; “It’s maybe twelve fucking years I’m gonna have to be sitting in kid’s chairs next to this asshole with other people trying to put us together,” he wrote. “He has yet another free reign to follow me and copy me and push himself into my world.” To their credit, the Black Keys kept things civil in the wake of the leak – but since then White has vacillated between continuing denouncing blues-rockers for “ripping off” The White Stripes, calling for a truce and reportedly tried to fight drummer Patrick Carney in a New York bar in 2015, with Carney calling him a “40-year-old bully”. tweeted a half-baked apology, saying “From one musician to another, you have my respect Patrick Carney.” Don’t talk to him about Auerbach…

They’re two of rap’s biggest word-throwers, so imagine what could have happened if Brooklyn native Jay-Z and Queens man Nas had joined forces? Sadly, New Yorkers haven’t (at least officially) yet — and in fact, that’s exactly how their beef started. Both rising stars of the early/mid-1990s, Nas was supposed to guest-star on Jay-Z’s 1996 debut album, “Reasonable Doubt,” but didn’t show up. When Jay-Z went ahead and used a snippet of Nas’ ‘The World is Yours’, he wasn’t impressed and let it be known in ‘The Message’, a plea to many rappers . Jay-Z responded with the diss track “Takeover” a few years later, and a succession of bargaining jabs from the two MCs followed. This culminated in a freestyle from Jay-Z that suggested he slept with the mother of Nas’ child, his girlfriend at the time, Carmen Brown. How did it end? After this bit, Hova’s mother insisted that he had gone too far and asked him to apologize. They’ve since appeared on stage together on several occasions, but haven’t collaborated in the studio yet…yet.

The former bandmates turned arch-enemies (and now new bandmates) undeniably had chemistry onstage when Guns ‘N Roses first took the world by storm. Even so, the guitarist left the band in 1996, later citing Axl’s dictatorial hold over the band, as well as his infuriating habit of being late to every gig, as the main reasons. The GNR manager, however, cited Slash’s work with Michael Jackson in the mid-1990s as a turning point in their relationship, saying Axl – who was abused as a child – believed in the abuse accusations that had been made. brought against the pop star at the time. They didn’t speak for years afterwards, exchanging public jabs here and there; Slash was always open to working with GNR again, but Axl even pulled himself out of their Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction once he found out the guitarist would be in attendance. Fortunately, in recent years, of course, they have kissed and reconciled and now tour together in the classic Guns ‘N Roses line-up.


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