A unique classical music event in Aberdeen for one night only


Ready to discover Echoes of Life, a unique classical music event, in Aberdeen in November? Here is an overview of Alice Sara Ott’s superb concert.

Coming to Aberdeen Performing Art Music Hall on November 29, 2022, echoes of life is designed to provide a truly special musical and visual experience for viewers.

Plus, Alice Sara Ott will perform her new album in the Scottish town for just one night. So what can you expect to see and hear during the concert?

Enjoy classical music in Aberdeen later this month

Echoes Of Life is a musical and visual journey from one of classical music’s most creative minds, Alice Sara Ott. The project realizes a long-standing dream of the artist to combine the worlds of music and architecture.

A collaboration with architect Hakan Demirel (and his team of architects 19:4), inspired by a year-long exchange of thoughts and ideas, gives Echoes Of Life a physical dimension and a visual narrative.

The result is described on Alice Sara Ott website as follows: “The digital video installation that accompanies the entire duration of the music is not a film. There are no people in it, there is no action, no clear storyline. The video shows architectural spaces that reflect the music. It evokes subtle emotions and references that will hopefully invite the audience to find their own stories, memories and echoes in these spaces.

Celebration of Alice Sara Ott’s new album, Echoes of Life

Alice Sara Ott (© Pascal Albandopulos)

The November event is an amazing way to experience Alice Sara Ott’s Echoes of Life album, originally released in August 2021.

At the time, Alice Sara Ott shared an interview on YouTube. She describes it: “While until the 19th century, a Prelude constituted a prologue or an introduction preceding the main work, Frédéric Chopin constituted with his Preludes Op.28 a collection of 24 individual pieces. They are very different from each other and yet together they form a complex work.

“To me, they reflect life, which seems built on a series of Preludes: a collection of moments, all linked in one way or another. One step leads to the next – sometimes we walk faster, sometimes more slowly, other times in a circle and there are times when we hit a dead end and have to turn around.

“The end of one chapter is always the beginning of another. And as life is sometimes, we encounter unforeseen obstacles, we stumble, and we may find ourselves on a new, unfamiliar path.

“For this album I have selected seven contemporary compositions, and in combination with the Preludes they embody personal experiences and thoughts that have guided and shaped my life thus far.”

Listened like a collection, the contemporary pieces of the album confirm that “Chopin’s Preludes are modern, provocative and timeless”.

Be sure to check out Echoes of Life in Aberdeen. Buy tickets for Alice Sara Ott Echoes of Life at the Music Hall on November 29, 2022.


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