Apple is considering streaming app for classical music


Apple Music subscribers who follow classical music will be in for a treat. Apple said on Monday it was set to launch an enhanced “dedicated experience” for classical music fans after its acquisition of Primephonic, a classical music streaming service.

This is the good news; the bad news is that Primephonic, which has developed a small but dedicated number of classical music fans, will no longer be accepting new subscribers and will drop its baton entirely on September 7, in just over a week.

In the short term, Apple Music subscribers can expect additions such as Primephonic classical music playlists and “exclusive audio content,” Apple says, while a “dedicated experience” with “better navigation.” , a search by composer and repertoire, and— Better yet, “detailed views” of metadata suitable for classical music will follow in the “coming months”.

The new “dedicated experience” will come in the form of a separate classical music app that “combines” the Primephonic interface with “more added features,” according to Apple.

Unlike other genres of music where you have an artist, an album, and a series of tracks, classical music adds composers, compositions, and movements to the mix. When you try to put all that metadata together in fields intended for contemporary musical genres, the result is usually awkward and chaotic, especially when it comes to searching and mixing.

By creating a brand new app based on the Primephonic streaming service, Apple Music could avoid the classical music pitfalls that plague its competitors, while adding (as Apple notes in its press release) features like recommendations for music. ‘experts and “many background details on the repertoire and recordings.

Of course, any excitement about a classic dedicated Apple Music app must be tempered by the fact that Primephonic will abruptly shut down next week.

In one email sent to subscribers, Primephonic has promised to reimburse users for the remaining days of their subscription. Apple has also said it will give current Primephonic users six months of free access to Apple Music.

Despite this, many Primephonic subscribers have expressed their displeasure with this sudden announcement.

“Uuuuug”, a Primephonic user tweeted. “I really like Primephonic. Carefully curated playlists put together with passion … gone. “

We reviewed Primephonic in 2017, when the service only offered web streaming and CD-quality tracks. At the time, we called it an “extremely satisfying experience” which was “sleek, smart, and organized the way classical music fans demand”. Since our initial review, Primephonic has rolled out an app and support for 24-bit audio.

Updated shortly after publication to add more details on Apple Music’s upcoming classical music app, as well as how Primephonic users will be compensated now that the service is being shut down.

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