Asha Bhosle rejects modern music and singing reality TV shows: “Acting hoti rehti hai” | Bollywood


Singer Asha Bhosle has nothing nice to say about singing on reality shows and contemporary music. The iconic singer turned 88 on Wednesday and has a career spanning more than seven decades.

In an interview, she said that sung reality TV shows are more about theater than music. She also said that she doesn’t listen to modern songs and prefers evergreen numbers.

She told a major daily: “I have seen such shows. People need to understand that singing is not about short clothes or being dramatic. Gaana gaane se zyada acting hoti rehti hai (There is more actor than singing in these shows)! ”

Asked about contemporary music, Asha Bhosle said that she did not listen to it and rather preferred the music of “Mehdi Hasan, Pandit Jasraj, Bhimchand Joshi and their ilk”. She added: “Yes, even I have to ask the young people around me who are singing. The technology may have increased, but the soul is missing. I remember we improvised so much on what we were told to do – and we ended up improving the numbers. We have worked very hard. We always thought that the song I sing shouldn’t be my last song.

A debate rages on the vocals of reality shows this year. Several former candidates and judges have accused TV stations of relying too much on the candidates’ sad life stories, distracting attention from their singing talent.

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Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar, who appeared on Indian Idol for a special tribute to his father episode, later told media he was asked to congratulate the contestants whether he liked their performance or not. .

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