‘Back to Our Roots’: New Country Music Group The Brethren Debut in Bend


(Update: added video, group comments)

Saturday Night EP Release Party at Silver Moon Brewing

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Two bands of brothers, lots of talent, and late-night music sessions have spawned a new powerhouse in country music. The best part – this band is bred by Bend!

The gang consists of four members: Chad and Lonnie Chapin and Corey and Casey Parnell. Brothers prepares to show the world what it’s all about. It is a group derived from the popular group Central Oregon Precious Byrdthree of the four members also being part of this group.

The Brethren came out of a tough time after the pandemic put the music industry on hold.

“We had to figure things out because the music was struggling,” lead singer Corey Parnell said. “But there was never really a plan B.”

For the love of music, these brothers got together to play for fun. Drummer Chad Chapin says they didn’t expect to be so pleased with the results.

“A few days later, just listening to it, it was like — we’ve got something here,” Chapin said.

In two days, the group had written ten songs.

“It was magical and it was fun and it took us back to our roots,” said electric lead Casey Parnell.

All of them started playing when they were children. Growing up in Bend, the band were influenced by small country Pacific Northwest grunge and their gospel roots – something that lead bassist Lonnie Chapin created in a unique style.

“All of us in the Brethren – we were born to play, sing, write and bring hope to people through music,” Chapin said. “And people’s love through music and that turned out to be much bigger than we ever imagined.”

Casey Parnell says succeeding in the industry is just a bonus for The Brethren.

“We love the music, we love what it does, but we also love playing it together,” Parnell said.

Although they are tied to Nashville, the band got their start in Bend.

“There’s no other place we could do this that makes sense like this,” Chad Chapin said.

The Brethren release their debut EP on Saturday, with a debut gig at Silver Moon Brewing in Bend. Not only is it a big day for the band, but it’s also their first live performance as a band. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the show starts at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $10.


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