BYGMusic, a Modern Music Company Helping Emerging Artists Make Money, Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign


Los Angeles, California – December 29, 2021 – BYGMusic, a music company that provides a platform for emerging artists to earn money by paying them to support brands and deliver brand messages, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder. The Los Angeles-based company has set a goal of raising $ 500,000 through the crowdfunding campaign as part of a larger capital increase.

Founded in 2015 by GRAMMY triple-awarded producer Krish Sharma, BYGMusic pays artists who support brands and spread their messages. BYGMusic pairs the artist with the perfect brand for a natural fit; a revolutionary concept that fills the need for artist support that was once provided by the recording industry. Since its launch, BYGMusic has helped emerging artists earn $ 1.5 million in sponsorship revenue.

For brands, BYGMusic is able to activate a cohort of artists simultaneously for highly engaged brand campaigns. The BYGMusic platform streamlines campaigns and allows brands to interact with large groups of artists “as one”, bringing superstar reach within reach of any corporate brand.

“As a producer and mixer I have been fortunate to work with many major artists like the Rolling Stones, Ziggy Marley and Hillary Duff – but my passion has been to help and develop emerging artists,” said Sharma. “From songwriting to recording in the studio, to accessing the major record company system, my experience has shown me how difficult it is for independent artists to gain a foothold in the industry. music industry; and how the level of label support for independent artists has declined since the Napster revolution. ”

BYGMusic recently expanded its business to now offer a mission-driven, subscription-based online platform that will provide the systems, tools and revenue necessary to support artists’ careers. The new platform will allow independent and emerging artists to access the creative tools that music artists need but that are missing from other creator platforms, including unique paid sponsorship opportunities typically reserved for artists. major record companies; an integrated data dashboard for an artist’s digital social and musical touchpoints; Support for live streaming, VR, AR and NFT; and the continued growth of multiplatform social engagement. “My aha moment came when I realized that some of the most valuable tools for artists to develop their careers – such as corporate sponsorship and information about their own fan base data – are missing from the platforms. current creators, and by providing them we could really make an impact for artists and as a business, ”said Sharma.

That’s why I started BYGMusic and that’s why we’re committed to connecting new artists with brands to provide them with the resources they need to continue making the music the world needs. Artists who sign up for these services will join the BYGMusic Network of Emerging Artists – an interconnected community that is set to become the largest network of independent artists and music fans. BYGMusic is structured to work well with labels and agencies, any artist who wishes to benefit from brand sponsorship can join.

“We see BYGMusic becoming a universal platform for artists and stakeholders to connect,” said Mike Alden, co-founder and president of BYGMusic. “Our proprietary process analyzes and matches opportunities with the appropriate BYG artists in the network, so we ultimately create a place where any stakeholder can easily access and leverage our large-scale network – for content distribution, monetization. advertising and beyond. ”

For more information on BYGMusic, visit the company’s Wefunder page.

About BYGMusic:

Founded in 2015 by GRAMMY award-winning producer Krish Sharma, BYGMusic is a modern music company that bridges the gap between technology and old-school artist development and support. They recruit the best emerging artists from around the world based on talent, fan reach and potential, with the aim of providing support and growth while preserving the integrity of the creative production and protecting all property ownership. the artist. BYGMUSIC and its sponsors value all visionary artists – big or small, established or new – and have created a new revenue channel for them.

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