Call for applications: RMN Modern Classical Music Competition for Piano


The initiative aims to promote the creation of new works for piano and to discover the composers who will appear in the new album. Modern Piano Music 4, a new version to be produced by RMN Classical.

The album will be distributed on numerous platforms and outlets around the world, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora and Deezer. He will be promoted on various news networks in North America, UK and Europe. Depending on demand, it will be possible to print the release on a limited edition CD and all winning works will be added to the British Library Sound Archive. Future opportunities will also be extended to all winning composers and songs in the catalog.


All winning works will benefit from the following benefits:

  • Output production.
  • Control of the work.
  • Cover design.
  • Design of promotional material.
  • Creation of the album press release
  • Preparation of promotional text.
  • Promotion essential, including distribution of press releases and strengthening of social media.
  • Share of sales.
  • The composers will retain the rights to the work and the main recording.
  • Commercial release with worldwide distribution.
  • Rights management and royalty collection.
  • Registration in the British Library, in the sound and music archives.
  • Creation of the official album page and the composer page on RMN Classique.

Will also be included:

  • Option for sync and license opportunities (TV and media).
  • Limited edition CD printing option (depending on demand).
  • Copyright License and Authorization.
  • Full contracts and agreements with the winning composers and artists.
  • Bar codes and ISRC codes.


  • The RMN Classique only accepts works for piano.
  • For this call, only works for solo piano will be accepted.
  • Live and studio recordings are accepted.
  • VST / computer generated tracks are accepted.
  • Work involving electronics is accepted.
  • Works for duo, trio (chamber music), etc. (eg piano and flute) are not accepted.
  • Works including voice or percussion are not accepted.
  • There is no maximum duration. Applicants are encouraged to submit short and medium length tracks.
  • There is no limit on the number of records that must be submitted.

How to participate

Applicants must apply here before November 7 (up early). An application fee of £ 39 ($ 53) per work submitted is the only cost to the participant. No other fees / charges will be due if the composer is selected. Total price of £ 79 is required per job by November 28th.

Gender accepted

  • Contemporary music for solo piano is preferred.
  • Works with jazz, pop, world or other influences are accepted.
  • Piano duets or four (or more) hands are accepted.
  • Other combinations of duo and trio with piano (eg violin and piano, cello and piano) will not be accepted.

Multi-movement work

  • Works in multiple movements can be submitted and will count as one work. For example, a three-movement sonata will count as a work. Applicants should take note that sometimes to feature more composers and performers, only one movement of their work will be selected.
  • The collection of works will not count as a single work and the application fee must be paid accordingly. For example, a collection of three preludes will count as three works and the entry fee must be paid three times or the submission will be disqualified. You will be able to indicate the number of works during the application process.

What to submit

A link to a folder containing the following material:

  • Save the work and the score in PDF.
  • Notes on the work (Word file).
  • Biography of the composer (Word file).
  • A promotional photo of the composer (portrait orientation).
  • Notes in a Word file and photo on the interpreter (optional).

Note: The link must remain active for the duration of the call and until the winners are announced. The accepted systems are Dropbox, Box and other similar services. Applicants should avoid Google Drive, WeTransfer, and SoundCloud. Submissions that use Google Drive, WeTransfer, SoundCloud will be disqualified and the application fee will not be refunded.

Entries that do not meet the above requirements will be disqualified and the entry fee will not be refunded.

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