CASIO promotes the modern musical instrument


06 Aug 2021 18:52 STI

Tokyo [Japan], Aug 6 (ANI): As people are forced to stay at home in Japan due to the coronavirus pandemic, the country’s leading watchmaking and electronics company, CASIO, has launched an electric piano, to respond to the growing demand for musical instruments from people who are social distancing at home.
“Due to Corona’s situation, I had to work from home and couldn’t go out on vacation. At first it was okay, but staying home for a long time is boring. As a hobby, my husband plays guitar and we chatted, it would be great if we could have a combined music session together so we started looking for a piano. I wanted a lightweight piano that was easy to move around and we found this Casio model. has the right length and the right number of keys. It is very light. And the red color is also very elegant and matches the interior of the house. It also has different sound settings like keyboard, organ and piano so now I can find the music I love and practice it. It’s really fun, “said one client.
CASIO analyzes that the trend of the musical instrument is verified by the transformation of daily life. A long stay at home reminds people of the experience of learning or playing music in the past and of the challenge of playing it again.

“In the current situation, many people stay at home for a long time, so we developed this model to help everyone start playing easily. We want people to enjoy music more, so our goal is to involve many people in music. This model is very light, so it can be moved easily and placed anywhere to enjoy music. Another advantage is that a bluetooth adapter can be connected separately to connect to smartphone and playing favorite music while using the piano. This will make the music even more interesting, “said Niida Takashi, CASIO.
This piano model installs 61 kinds of musical sounds. It includes the acoustic piano as well as the tone of the music of the electric piano, organ and synthesizer are installed. It allows to choose the preferred music tone for a keyboard player.
Not only the keyboard function, but also a new speaker is attached. It offers clear and powerful sound despite its small size. Saving space and maximizing impact is CASIO’s policy. (ANI)


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