Classical music from Amsterdam Zuidoost: “Curaçao Chopin is also Dutch history”


AMSTERDAM- In a series of concerts that are part of the exhibition tussen Gaasp Fr Gracht, classical musicians from the Southeast are at the center. “The canals are the legacy of colonial history and so are the artists,” writes Britt van Klaveren in the Dutch het newspaper parool.

The exhibition is a multidisciplinary project of the Van Loon Museum and Imagine IC in collaboration with the Open Space Contemporary Art Museum and New Metropolis Zuidoost. Orville Breveld set up the accompanying series of classical concerts, which take place in the garden of the Van Loon Museum. “I could have filled thirty days. Amsterdam has gold in its hands.

“Artists from Zuidoost are often not linked to the classical school”, says Breveld. “We know Southeast hip-hop and it’s great, but Southeast classical music deserves at least as much attention.”

There is a diverse palette of performers on stage, all with a personal connection to Zuidoost. The relatively unknown classical music of these musicians parallels the untold story that the exhibition focuses on.

Breveld: “Alexander Kraft van Ermel will play the music of his grandfather from Curaçao, Wim Statius Muller, the Curaçao Chopin, on the opening night. That’s what we want, isn’t it? This is also Dutch history, it is inextricably linked, but we don’t know it. And what you don’t know you can’t love.”

classical music in the GrachtentuinAugust 23-28 at Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam.


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