Classical Music Popularized: Violin Duo TwoSet’s Concert Tickets in Singapore Sold Out in Minutes


SINGAPORE — In recent years, TwoSet Violin, a pair of Australian violinists, have taken the internet by storm, winning new classical music fans with their easy-going and often humorous videos.

With over seven million subscribers across various social media channels and over a billion video views on YouTube, his online popularity rivals that of pop music stars.

The group even has its own clothing line, TwoSet Apparel, which includes t-shirts, hoodies, and skirts.

To celebrate their YouTube channel which has nearly four million subscribers, the duo – Brett Yang, 30, and Eddy Chen, 29 – will perform at the Victoria Concert Hall, accompanied by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), on November 16 .

It’s no surprise that the tickets sold out soon after they went on sale. On the Carousell online marketplace, fans who missed out are offering to pay up to $1,489 for tickets that originally cost $79 to $199.

The duo’s videos, which include takedowns of superficial performances of classical music on TV, can be comedic, and their live shows can include silly skits, but they’re dead serious when it comes to their love of music. classical music, say Yang and Chen. in an online video interview ahead of their show in Singapore.

Chen adds, “We wanted to bring more people into the world of classical music, which we are very passionate about.

“We are like this in-between entertainment. We entertain, but we stay true to our art form. We are educational. Ultimately, we always stand for authentic musical creation and what we believe to be the proper attitude towards classical music.


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