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Harry Styles admitted that listening to classical music had boosted his creativity.

The former One Direction singer is one of the most popular names in the music industry, with his 2019 album Fine Line featuring the hit singles Adore You and Watermelon Sugar.

But rather than taking inspiration from modern music to create new sounds, in an interview for the Winter 2021 issue of DAZED magazine, Harry explained that he’s been intrigued by classical compositions lately.

“I unlocked the ability to be myself completely, without any excuse,” he said. “I started listening to only classical music because I felt like it gave me a blank canvas to work on. So I wasn’t hearing things that I would refer to. I think that so much creativity comes from being bored and lucky not to be distracted by things. I’m the most human I’ve felt in a long time, that’s for sure. “

In addition to his music career, Harry recently launched the Pleasing beauty brand and stars in a series of Hollywood films, including Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman.

And while he has plenty of projects going on, the British superstar learns what exactly makes him happy.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m supposed to float on this cloud of success and happiness, and obviously that’s not how it works,” said the 27-year-old. “I think through my own sense of self and my personal journey, I realize that happiness is not that kind of end state.”

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