Cmt Awards 2022 today, Country Music Awards 2022


As the 2022 CMT Music Awards kick off in Nashville, Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood take home the top prize of the night — and their record-breaking 24th award for next year’s Community Video.

Anthony Mackie will host this year’s ceremony alongside Kelsea Ballerini, who will appear from his home just hours before testing positive for COVID-19, while Kane Brown will join as a new private presenter.

When the awards were handed out, comedian Rob Cordry joked that no one in the comedy world would be present with him…or anyone who had failed a COVID test before Aldean and Underwood were announced as the winners.

Aldean and Underwood came on stage and Aldean said, “Hey. Thank you. Thanks thanks. This year’s song is just amazing. Like you, the fans reacted, and everyone else too. First of all, thank you Jia Li agreed to do the song.

He added: “But it’s about the video. For me the video was Sean Silva and everyone attacking El Box made a great video. Michael Knox did the song for us and lets This song go beyond my imagination,” and thanks to Michael Knox for producing.

Holding his record-breaking 24th CMT Awards, Underwood added into the microphone, “Thank you fans. Thank you for all your support with this song and video.

Stage: Aldean and Underwood came on stage and Aldean said, “Hey. Thank you. Thank you thank you. This year’s song is just amazing. , thanks to Carrie for agreeing to do this song.

Parker McCollum won second for Breakthrough Video of the Year for Dylan Scott’s song “To Be Loved By You,” last year’s winner.

Scott took a page from the Masters playbook to start a new tradition, presenting this year’s winner McCollum with a green beer cookie, just as last year’s Masters champion presented the new winner with the jacket iconic green.

He beat BRELAND (cross country), Caitlyn Smith feat. Old Dominion (I Can’t), Elvie Shane (My Boy), Priscilla Block (Just About You) and Tenille Arts (Then, Now).

Country music legend George Strait made history with his first CMT award, winning the CMT Show of the Year award.

He beat The Osborn Brothers – Muskrat Green / Dead Man’s Curve Medley (from CMT Campfire Sessions), HER Chris Stapleton – Hold On (from 2021 CMT Music Awards), Kane Brown – Three Wood Cross (from 2021 CMT Artist of the Year ), Kelsea Ballerini Feat. Paul Klein von LANY – I Quit Drinking (from the 2021 CMT Music Awards), Mickey Guyton feat. Gladys Knight & BRELAND – Friendship Train (from the 2021 CMT Music Awards) and Nelly feat. Kane Brown, Blanco Brown and BRELAND – Ride Wit Me (from CMT Crossroads: Nelly & Friends).

Although Strait was unable to accept the award in person, he still sent a video message to everyone in attendance to see it.

“Wow, I can’t believe I won. I’m sorry I can’t be here tonight, but I want to thank all the fans who voted for me. I really appreciate it,” he began.

“Thank you so much CMT. This is very special to me as it is a proud tribute song to the late Charlie, my friend. I want to say hello to Charlie’s family. Thank you,” Strait concluded.


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