Country Music Fans Call Y100 Shake Up ‘Worst Decision’


San Antonio country music fans started their weeks with a new song on Monday when they scrolled through their station list and found “Frito and Kay” instead of longtime vocals from Beth Boehm. Listeners directed their anger at the radio station, saying it was the “worst decision ever.” Boehm is now opening up about not airing again after nearly a decade on the airwaves in San Antonio.

The station confirmed to MySA that Boehm’s last day was Wednesday, January 6. KCYY (Y100) program director Christi Brooks said her replacements were Tucker “Frito” Young and Katy Dempsey.

Boehm’s bouncy morning banter and accessible presence at the rodeo and popular resort events like the Eight Man Jam made her a Y100 staple. She informed her listeners via social media on Sunday, January 9.

She joked with fans that she was 27 and was “single and hated men” when she first arrived in San Antonio. Over time, the Florida native adapted to San Antonio, fulfilled her dream of working on radio, fell in love and married her husband Justin, and is still totally in love with the town of Alamo. So much so that her family moved from Florida to the city to be near her.

“You were the reason I got up every morning before sunrise,” she told her listeners. “San Antonio has felt like home from day one and it’s still my home. It’s like no other city in the world and the people are what make it better.”

Boehm says she isn’t sure what her next move will be, but to miss being on the radio is an “understatement.”

“I don’t know what the next step is for me, but I do know that God has me and that someday it will make sense, or maybe not,” she shares online. “Until then, you can contact me here. I will always be there.”

Boehm News garnered hundreds of comments online, sharing support, warm memories and sadness. Some listeners said they would be streaming radio after the change and said the reshuffle was “disappointing.”

“My mornings won’t be the same,” responded one Facebook user to the news.

“I won’t listen to Beth Boehm again was the reason we listen to these stations, you all made the worst decision ever,” said another.

Boehm says the support she has received has been “incredibly uplifting.”

“I’m really at a loss for words for probably the first time in my life, as you can imagine,” she said. “I’ll make sure to keep everyone posted on what’s next, and again, the words ‘thank you’ just aren’t enough.”


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