Country music star Dustin Lynch opens up about growing up near the Dickel Distillery and reveals his favorite way to drink bourbon (exclusive)


Dustin Lynch is a globe-trotting, platinum-selling country music superstar these days, but he wasn’t always. Once upon a time, he was just a young boy from Tullahoma, Tennessee, growing up near the George Dickel Distillery. Recently, Lynch took a break from his Party Mode tour – where he plays some of his classics, as well as songs from his new album blue in the sky – for an exclusive conversation with to talk music and share his favorite way to drink the new Dickel Bourbon.

Talking to us virtually about the George Dickel Distillery in Cascade Hollow, Lynch shared that he actually grew up about a mile up the hill. “It’s something that even as a kid I didn’t even realize I was inhaling,” he said. “But the tower mass smell coming out of that distillery was something that was always in the air. I didn’t realize how cool it was until I started traveling the world and playing my music. You’re always asked the question, ‘Where are you from?’ Not many people know where Tullahoma, Tennessee is, but every time you say George Dickel, they’re like, “Oh yeah, I heard about your town. I was like, ‘Well, that’ is the water of our stream. You have tasted it too.'”

When it comes to how Lynch takes his Dickel bourbon, the “Small Town Boy” singer confessed he’s a simple guy. “I just enjoy it on the rocks. It ends so well,” he said. “It kind of shocked me every time they brought it to me and asked if I would give my opinion on it. I go, ‘Dickel bourbon? I mean, I don’t, let’s see , I don’t know. ‘Man, that’s so sweet. It ends really well for me.

Lynch explained that he “didn’t feel like he needed to mix it up” but he did on occasion. “Last weekend, the the “Party Mode” tour, I mixed it up a bit. Anything with a bit of citrus,” he said, then offering a blend that a lot of people might not have considered before. “From my hometown, we’re really proud of Sun Drop, which is a kind of regional citrus sweet soda. “, he said. “It’s really well mixed with that.”

However, Sun Drop-style bourbon isn’t the only one Lynch is fond of. “There’s a concoction that I came across years ago at a country club, and that’s, you take Dickel bourbon and with it, you fill it up almost completely with Sprite and then a splash of cranberry,” he shared. “It’s a very refreshing drink in a way that I like to enjoy whiskey in the warmer months.” Next, fans can catch Lynch on the road with the “Party Mode” tour taking place in Pikeville, Kentucky on April 21. A full list of tour dates can be found here.


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