Country music star Kane Brown joins Dewey Crush executives


Delaware, Dewey Beverage Inc., maker of the original Dewey Crush canned cocktail, has announced that world-renowned musician Kane Brown has joined the brand as head of flavors.

Launched in 2021, Dewey Crush was created with the goal of bringing the essence of an East Coast summer anywhere by delivering a classic Dewey Beach cocktail in a convenient, ready-to-drink can.

Brown was introduced to Dewey Crush by a family member and fell in love with the product’s fresh taste and summer vibe. After initially joining as an early investor, he wanted to create a deeper and more public relationship with the brand, which led him to become Director of Flavors on August 11.

“Growing up in northwest Georgia, I had never heard of a crush on orange until I started spending time in the Chesapeake Bay with my wife Katelyn and her brothers. Every boat bar they took me to had their own version of the crush, and it quickly became my go-to summer drink,” Brown said. “Having the opportunity to team up with Dewey Crush and bring no just the drink but the idea of ​​summer fun, in Tennessee and touring year round seemed like an easy decision Dewey Crush was a hit with my friends every step of the way and is definitely the new drink favorite of my group!”

“We are honored that Kane has decided to join the Dewey Crush family, as we believe our alignment of values, lifestyle, family, music and the overall mantra of ‘living life to the fullest’ has made him a natural partnership,” said Jarret Stopforth. , co-founder of Dewey Crush. “We are so grateful for this opportunity to work with Kane and look forward to making the summer a 365-day season fueled by Dewey Crush and Kane’s music.”

Sales of canned cocktails have exploded as drinkers seek convenience and new flavors beyond wine, beer and soda. The total ready-to-drink liquor market is $20 billion and has grown 1,500% year over year over the past 20 years; it is expected to reach $146 billion by 2030. The authentic craft vodka and crushed fruit drink is made with premium spirits and real juice, and comes in three craft flavors – original orange, grapefruit ruby red and watermelon. After the hugely successful Delaware launch last summer, the brand has since expanded along the coast to Maryland, Washington, D.C. and New Jersey, with launches in Virginia and Tennessee expected within months. coming.

Brown’s next album, “Different Man,” is slated for release on Friday, September 9.

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