Country Music Star Keith Urban Surprises Biggest Little Urbenville Public School Fans With Live Zoom Chat


When one of the world’s biggest country music stars took a live tour of a tiny rural school in northern New South Wales, students at Urbenville Public School could hardly believe it their eyes.

Some were crying, some sat in stunned silence, and others had a smile that spread from ear to ear.

“Hi guys! How is everyone doing?” Keith Urban said, with a big smile and a clap.

The students (and their teacher Mel Sifko) had made no secret of their Keith Urban fandom, writing letters and hoping to see their favorite artist perform on his Australian tour.

The students even took a page from their hero’s songbook, using their voices to sing reassuring songs of hope and connection, which were shared on social media – and in the parking lot of the local nursing home. – for people in detention.


It was a heartwarming gesture, although some students – as their principal Chris Sifko said – may not have the “most angelic voices” that the sentiment of their messages more than made up for.

Little known to them, their efforts on social networks were noticed halfway around the world.

“I actually wanted to try and figure out how I could get to your school, but because we’re here filming (TV show) The Voice, I don’t have time to slip away and come over to you. see.

“So I said ‘what else can we do? “And they said we can zoom in, so thank you so much for zooming in with me this morning.”

Keith Urban on Zoom to students at Urbenville Public School.(ABC North Coast: Miranda Saunders)

“I thought my head was going to explode”

During the 40-minute chat, the students discussed everything from Keith Urban’s favorite song to his early days of learning the guitar and his hair length.

Grade 5 student Kailyn Russ said he was torn between wanting to jump out of his seat in excitement or crying tears of joy.

The students in the class get emotional - one cries.
Students at Urbenville Public School become moved during Keith Urban’s Zoom call.(ABC North Coast: Miranda Saunders)

Tyler Sheardold said he had no idea Keith was about to appear on the classroom screen.

“It was such a big surprise… I thought my head was going to explode when I saw Keith,” he said.

Amelia Russ went so far as to tell Keith Urban that they had renamed their school in his honor.

A poster of a school logo with Keith Urban in the middle
Urbenville Public School has incorporated Keith Urban into its logo for the special occasion.(ABC North Coast: Miranda Saunders)

No more surprises

Keith Urban kept the surprises in store by inviting the students of the Urbenville Public School to be his special guests in Brisbane on his Australian tour next year.

“I would love to meet you all properly so this is the best way to do it,” he said.

But the surprises did not end there.

Principal Chris Sifko had a running joke with the students that if they could get an answer from Keith Urban he would buy them all the aerial guitars – it was a joke he said “still doesn’t get it some of them”.

Keith Urban improved a few strings by donating five guitars to the school and one for each student to take home.

Six students with guitars sitting under a fake tree in a classroom
Students from Urbenville public school with their new guitars donated by Keith Urban.(ABC North Coast: Miranda Saunders)

“Sometimes you want to play alone and not in front of everyone,” he said.

Principal Chris Sifko said he was just blown away by how such a small school could not only reach and support students across Australia, but also grab the attention of international superstars.

“We heard about it a bit in advance, but decided not to tell the kids about it so Keith could see the genuine joy and how much they appreciated it.”

Beyond the free guitars and concert, Keith Urban said the feeling was to share a passion for music.

Student writes letter with lots of cutout photos of Keith Urban
Students at Urbenville Public School are big fans of Keith Urban.(ABC North Shore: Leah White)

“Wanting to sing and play for other people is a very important part of everything you guys do,” he said.

“So thank you to the school for having such a passion for music and for being so supportive.”


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