Country music star Kissel can’t wait to reconnect with fans while touring Prince Albert


Scott Roos

Special for the Herald

Anything goes, Prince Albert. On Friday, June 3, Canadian country music superstar Brett Kissel will perform his “SHOWTIME” tour at the Art Hauser Center.

Kissel has performed several times in Prince Albert and cannot wait to return. This time it will bring a big arena-style production.

“(We have) a big production. A simply magnificent production,” Kissel explained in a phone conversation with the Herald.

There’s a general feeling in Kissel’s tone that he’s graduated to bigger venues and can’t wait to get there.

“Every song I’ve released in the past five years has to be played outdoors or in an arena.”

Throughout the pandemic, Kissel was able to continue performing, being one of the first artists in the country to adopt the drive-in concert model. But, like so many of his peers, while performing this way was good for the souls of the audience and the performer, it just wasn’t the same.

“Playing on the windshields and honking the horn was an amazing experience,” he said. “You might see people partying in the tailgates, but now having the opportunity to reach out and touch someone’s hand and party with them and maybe have a beer backstage with someone during the meeting. It’s that thing.

Kissel clearly missed what he called his “connection” with his fans and also the “comradeship” that comes with being able to spend long periods of time with his band on tour.

“This (concert and tour) is going to be as therapeutic for me and (the fans) as I think it could be for anyone else in the crowd who needs a wonderful distraction to hang out and just enjoy and forget about his problems for a while. short time and have a great time,” Kissel said.

Kissel released his critically acclaimed record “What is Life” in 2021. It’s an introspective record dealing with themes of family, relationships, and the meaning of life in general. It was accompanied by the singles “Make a life, Not a Living” and “Night in the Life” which earned Juno nominations for “Country Album of the Year” and “Single of the Year”. In the meantime, he recently released a new single called “Ain’t the Same” featuring guest vocals from 98 Degrees. It will serve as the lead single for an upcoming full-length album to be released later this year.

It’s a very positive time right now in Brett Kissel’s camp. He radiates positivity when talking about his excitement for the “SHOWTIME” tour as well as the new album. Essentially, Kissel is feeling what many are feeling right now with restrictions easing and life seemingly returning to some sense of “normality” in the wake of what was, at times, a crushing pandemic.

“I’ve never been so excited about new music. I have never been so excited about my growing family, my amazing group of friends. It’s a pretty special season right now. I think the pendulum has swung a bit more in my favor because during the pandemic there have been a lot of dark days for a lot of us. But as far as I’m concerned, the pendulum has definitely swung to the positive side,” concludes Kissel.

Tickets for Kissel’s Prince Albert show went on sale March 25 and can be purchased at Jade Eagleson, CCMA award winner and platinum seller, will join us as a very special guest. The concert will take place at the Art Hauser Center on June 3.


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