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WHAT’S A SHOW: The Love and Lies tour brought together two of Australia’s award-winning and leading female country artists, Amber Lawrence and Catherine Britt, and the girls perform this Friday at Parkes. Photo: SUPPLIED.

The Love and Lies tour brought together two of Australia’s most award-winning and renowned country artists, Amber Lawrence and Catherine Britt, in one incredible show, and it arrives in Parkes this Friday, December 3rd.

The show began its 30-date tour in February 2021 and has performed to sell-out and sold-out venues across the country, and for the Parkes game, the two ladies will play at the Parkes Leagues Club.

After some COVID-related delays and rescheduling, the girls are back on the road for the remainder of 2021 and will continue until 2022.

The fact that so many scenes and people from Parkes are featured in this video gives us a special connection to Lawrence’s exceptional talent.

Catherine has also enjoyed tremendous success in her country music career.

From Newcastle’s smut work to releasing Billboard Top 40 hits, his career began at age 14 and has since amassed three Golden Guitar Awards, an APRA Award and CMC Artist of the Year nominations, and is the first Australian artist to have all six albums named ARIA for Best Country Album.

Amber spoke to Parkes champion position earlier this week, and said she was delighted to be back on the road with Catherine after COVID-19 interrupted her tour earlier this year.

“It was a real free time at home, but now it’s back to the hard work of touring,” she said.

“It was great touring with Catherine, we spent the first six months of the year together, and we were actually one of the first touring groups to hit the road again.

“We both work really well and bounce back really well… we’re similar but different enough that we balance each other out perfectly,” Amber said.

The original Love and Lies tour began in 2017, when Amber and Catherine first joined forces – giving 26 shows across the country.

Remembering all the fun they had, the new moms decided to start all over again in 2021 and 2022 with young babies in tow.

The show will feature Amber and Catherine performing their own sets of hits and fan favorites, as well as special duets in a two-hour show that embraces their incredible songwriting skills, cheeky wit, sassy style and takes you on a musical and lyrical journey through all emotions – from laughter to tears.

Amber said she hoped audience members left the show with a big smile on their faces.

“Our show is full of joy,” she enthused.

“We’re having so much fun, have a full band and it’s a high energy show.

“We really want people to come out at the end of the show with a smile on their face.

“There will also be times when you get to know us, we tell stories and don’t hesitate to give the audience a good taste of who we are.

“So grab your tickets and see!” said Amber.

Parkes is in a very lucky position to be able to host singers of such caliber and popularity, but Amber said there was no place she would rather be than regional Australia, with the increased intimacy of the shows giving performers like her and Catherine a warm and fuzzy atmosphere. feeling.

“I think a great privilege to be a country singer is to tour country towns,” she said.

“These big pop stars can do five shows a year and just hit Sydney, Melbourne and so on, but I think we’re lucky to be able to tour all year round in small, tight-knit regional communities where a lot of people do. artists will not go to.

“It’s an amazing time when people say ‘oh we haven’t had a show here for six months’ and they’re so happy to see your performance,” Amber said.

The show was so successful that Amber and Catherine decided to record and release a radio single to celebrate their success, and pay tribute to Helen Reddy with the release of ‘I am Woman’.

Amber and Catherine ended their show each night with this iconic song throughout the tour and were blown away by the response.

For those avid Amber fans (who, yes, unabashedly includes us at Parkes champion position – we are real country music nuffies), the empowerment of women is a very strong recurring theme.

Women in the Australian music industry, and indeed around the world, have been silent for too long – but for Amber, it’s not about bringing down men but about uplifting women.

“It’s really obvious that my shows are positive for women,” she said.

“The men are on our side, it is not us against them.

“It means that women are strong, independent and can rely on themselves.

“I have a husband who thinks I can accomplish anything, and I have a three-year-old son who I want to grow up thinking a woman is his equal,” said a thoughtful Amber.

Her song “Cheers to the Girls” sums it up beautifully in the chorus:

“So kudos to me, now I’m free. I finally realized what I’m worth, kudos to the girls who stood up for themselves,” she sings in the song, which was released in 2016 and also stars Catherine Britt.

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