Country music superstar Thomas Rhett picks his favorite ways to eat fritos


Rhett has so much enthusiasm for Fritos that he had a hard time choosing just one favorite way to eat this snack. “Me again, because of my grandparents, I like to crumble the original,” he said, “and put it on the chili.” Rhett couldn’t really commit to Crumbled Fritos on Chilli as the best way to enjoy these curly chips, because in this case, they’re more of a topping. As for Fritos as a main event, “I also like Fritos Scoops, with salsa,” Rhett said. Ah, so it’s the Fritos Scoops who win?

Not enough. Rhett added: “If I had a date, it would be the twists and turns of the honey barbecue. Anytime I travel for a long time, it’s an essential gas station or an essential grocery store. It would be my manners. favorite to eat them, of course.”

Whether he enjoys crumbled originals, Scoops with salsa, or Fritos’ spicier options on the road, Rhett is pretty confident he’s the right person to star in the first Fritos TV commercial filmed in 20 years. “Fritos, for me, is a timeless classic brand that will be there [until] the end of time. They went [at it] for so long, almost 90 years. Doing this with them was truly an honor on my part,” he said. “I still feel bad for being able to do it!”

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