Disney guests are baffled by New Park DJ playing modern music on Main Street


Credit: Mickey Views (left) VikkiMouse321 (right)

As for the theme, Disney World is generally the place to beat. But even Disney can sometimes slip through the cracks when it comes to perfecting all the thematic details of the parks.

Dapper In Back
Credit: Disney

Typically, when we think of Main Street, USA, we think of parades, cavalcades, Dapper Dans, and Citizens of Main Street (who have yet to return). Lately, it seems that something interesting has happened at the Walt Disney World Railroad. When Happily Ever After returned we got to see fireworks again, but the good night kiss still seemed to be missing in Magic Kingdom.

Ultimate Disney Christmas Package
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Now it looks like Disney is finding a new way to close the park, and I can’t lie, that feels a bit out of place for a turn-of-the-century train station.

Mickey Views (@MickeyViews) posted a video of a DJ dressed in regular clothes saying goodbye to guests as they leave the park. The video appears to be from last Saturday night and shows the DJ strolling around the top of the station, telling guests to throw their hands up and party as they leave the most magical place on Earth.

9 p.m. last night during regular Magic Kingdom hours. Not a joke

The Tweet has already started to catch on and hasn’t been well received by many who think it makes Magic Kingdom look more like a Six Flags than a Disney park. It seems like this has been going on for a few days now, as VikkiMouse (@ VikkiMouse321) posted a video of the DJ from last Thursday.

Magic Kingdom is throwing a singing dance party on Main Street! I have so many questions

Journalist Scott Gustin (@ScottGustin) was even shocked to see the DJ perform.

It’s a Saturday night. After your cousin’s cheesy wedding and long wedding reception, you head to Magic Kingdom for a little ride on Space Mountain.

And then you find out that your cousin’s wedding DJ has followed you and now tells you to go up to the roof.

Some might say we’ve seen DJs at Magic Kingdom before, especially at After Hour events; however, this does not take place during Boo Bash, but rather during park hours. It’s also worth noting that those two evenings the video footage was taken were not Boo Bash event nights.

Main Street Confectionery
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After such a magical day, it seems like an odd choice to walk out of Magic Kingdom to find Miley Cyrus blowing up while a DJ turns the crowd on. Since this late night addition to Magic Kingdom appears to be very new, we’ll keep you posted if it’s something you can expect in the long run.

What do you think of the fact that Magic Kingdom has a DJ to close the evening? Let us know in the comments below.


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