Dollywood Baker becomes the lead actress in a country music video


SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – For eight seasons, Rachel Stacy worked at Dollywood as a senior team leader baking cookies, large apple pies and cupcakes. However, everything was about to change.

Stacy’s acting agent called her and told her that she had been selected by a production company looking for its lead actress for an upcoming music video to be shot in Nashville.

“Turns out it was shot on a Tuesday, and that’s the only day of the week that Dollywood is closed right now. So, it feels like the stars are perfectly aligned for me to go,” Stacy said.

The production company hid any further details about the musician’s identity to prevent information from leaking to the public. However, when Stacy arrived on the set of the music video, she noticed that she was on set with country superstar Ashley McBryde.

The music video was for his new song “Bonfire at Tina’s”, which is a collaborative song featuring fellow country artists such as Caylee Hammack, Brandy Clark and Pillbox Patti.

Stacy said she approached McBryde and asked him how to portray the character of Tina.

“I actually took Ashley aside; I said you wrote that song. I want to know how you see Tina. What did you see in me that brought Tina out? She was like, ‘you’ve got a really big reality in your eyes…I love that you’re able to play with your eyes a lot,'” Stacy said.

According to Stacy, she’s been pursuing an acting career for over five years, but working on McBryde’s music video was a huge honor for her.


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