Ed Sheeran to Taylor Swift: Spotify’s 10 Most Popular Music Artists


AAs Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform in the world, people as usual are eager to know which artist ranks number 1 among Spotify’s popular artists. Over the past few years, music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music have changed the course of the music industry. Among them, Spotify holds the number 1 position in the world. Therefore, people are eager to know which music superstar ranks first among Spotify’s most popular music artists in terms of total streams.

If you are among them who want to know where your favorite artist ranks in Spotify’s most popular artists list, read the article, because it provided the exact data of 2022. Monthly listeners are taken into account to evaluate the top 10 list. In July, the top 10 singers on Spotify are

10. After Malone:

27-year-old rapper, singer and songwriter Post Malone is also known for his tattoos. In 2020, the artist won Billboard Music Artist for Top Artist. He has 55.60 million monthly listeners on Spotify and ranks 10th in the top 10 most popular artists on Spotify.

9.Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift
The 32-year-old Pennsylvania singer is almost a legend. With multiple achievements, awards and records, the artist has captured the hearts of millions with his heartwarming songs and gestures. With more than 57 million monthly listeners on Spotify, she ranks 9th in the top 10 most popular artists.

8. Doja Cat:

Doja Cat
One of America’s Greatest Rappers Doja Cat is known for her singing style and fashion. The rapper started posting music on Soundcloud as a teenager. She has given her fans critically and commercially acclaimed rap performances over the past two years. With a listener base of 60 million per month, the artist ranks 8th in the ranking.

7. Bad Bunny:

bad bunny

Bad Bunny is a young rapper based in Puerto Rico who has many records to his credit. One of the biggest accomplishments of his life to date is winning Billboard Latin Music Artist for Artist of the Year. Although he mainly sings rap, he has also incorporated rock, bachata and soul into his style. bad bunny has over 62 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

6. Drake:

Aubrey Drake Graham is one of the most popular rappers, singers and actors. The Canadian artist has delivered powerful and immersive rap performances throughout his career. At 35, he still carries great enthusiasm. His popular tracks like A dance, God’s Plan, Jimmy Cooks, Nonstop and others have made him one of the most famous rappers in the world. It has 66.9 million Spotify-based listeners and ranks sixth on the list.

5. Double Lipa:

Double Lipa
Dua Lipa is the hottest female music superstar of the moment. Audiences not only connect with her music, but also with the energy and vibe she creates. Slightly behind Harry Styles, the English singer ranks 5th on the list with a massive listener count of 71.82 million. One of the most viral songs was re-released in 2020, ‘Levitation‘.

4. Harry Styles:

Harry Styles
A major collaborator of the famous youth music group One Direction, Harry Styles achieved the most envied success after the members split. In addition to his songs, Harry Styles starred in the Marvel movie, ‘Eternal‘. The all-encompassing fanbase surrounding him has allowed him to own the 4th position on the list. The number of listeners he garners on Spotify is 72.12 million.

3.Justin Bieber:

justin bieber
Justin Bieber attends the 2021 Met Gala

Justin Bieber’s fanbase is forever. Although there hasn’t been such massive success under his belt in the past couple of years, the artist still leads the most popular music streaming platform in the world. It sits at number 3 on the list with a huge listener base of 73.44 million. Although he was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, according to the latest news, he will resume his ‘Justice World Tour‘.

2. The weekend:

The weekend

The Canadian singer, songwriter and producer is known for his popular hits. The 32-year-old artist ranks 2nd on Spotify’s list of most popular artists in July. Came to fame with his song ‘I was never there‘, the artist ascended to the throne of the music industry in a few years. It also won a Grammy Award for best melodic rap. His monthly listeners on Spotify are 75.56 million.

1. Ed Sheeran:

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran ranks number 1 in Spotify’s top 10 most popular artists. The famous “Shape of You” artist has given some of the best songs to the music industry. His monthly listeners on Spotify are around 80.80 million. Ed Sheeran’s last release was ‘2 Step (feat. Lil Baby)‘. The 31-year-old British singer now rules the platform as well as the hearts of millions.

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