Einaudi becomes TikTok’s greatest classical composer


Thanks to a viral TikTok trend, Ludovic Einaudi2013’s track “Experience” enjoyed a major resurgence, once again hitting the global charts. The track has seen a surge of interest, with nearly 7 million video creations on TikTok using “Experience” as the musical accompaniment. These videos have accumulated more than 15 billion views.

The trend involves users creating a TikTok video with the Einaudi ‘original sound’ and recording it in their drafts, to see if what they manifested will come to fruition.


and they say the manifestation is working. #notchecking #physics #help me #stall #pray #sugar daddy

♬ original sound – 👑Jєѕιѕ ιѕ кιиg αи∂ ℓσνєѕ υ👑

It’s the first time a classic artist has seen such a high number of views on TikTok – but for Einaudi, it’s not really a huge surprise. The Italian pianist-composer is already the most listened to classical pianist of all time.

It now charts on Spotify, Apple and TikTok in over 40 different markets around the world and has gained more monthly listeners on Spotify than Mozart and Beethoven.

The track “Experience” was first released in 2013 on his album Decca In a period of time. We named In a period of time as one of The best Einaudi albums of all time.

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