Fanny Lumsden is on the track at the Tamworth Country Music Festival


West of Mount Kosciuszko, in the heart of The Man From Snowy River country, musician Fanny Lumsden reframes the stories and folklore of this scenic region’s steeped history.

Banjo Patterson’s poem is the stuff of an Australian legend, but there are more stories from this part of the country that Fanny wanted to tell on her 2020 album ‘Fallow,’ which won an ARIA Award and five Golden Guitars among other accolades.

This year, Lumsden releases the following album “Fallow & Variations”. “We did all of this from the start after [‘Fallow’] came out”, explains Fanny.

“We had already had the ideas for it and then I recorded it all a year later, so a year ago. I haven’t had the chance to come out and share the stories in person on stage like we usually do – you usually get these comments and all these times to share different aspects of the songs stories.

“These stories evolve and can be told in different ways. We couldn’t do that, so I thought another way to do that is to record different versions of the songs and then bring out different stories to to go with. .

“So we have stories that will also come out with the record eventually.”

Lumsden will bring a glimpse of those stories to the 2022 Tamworth Country Music Festival, returning after being postponed in April. “It’s going to be fantastic, I’m so excited,” Fanny said of her return to Tamworth.

“I love the Tamworth Country Music Festival because it’s a unique festival in that almost every country music artist goes there.

“It’s not like ‘who’s on the bill?’ It means you can catch up with everyone every year.

“It’s been a really great and eventful week to see other musicians and a lot of plans are made for next year.

“I love the community aspect, it really brings everyone together for this week. Fans and musicians, it’s a fun melting pot.”

The Tamworth Country Music Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with a special concert at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Conference Center featuring Fanny on a wide range of artists.

Fanny is also celebrating ten years of her popular Country Halls Tour series, having performed at over 200 regional venues since her debut in 2012.

Returning to the Tamworth Country Music Festival is sure to be a 22-year must-do, not only for Fanny and her fellow musicians, but also for the dedicated community of fans the festival attracts each year.

“To be honest, it’s really healthy, everyone brings their families too and it’s a big catch-up,” she says.

“I always leave very motivated for the year ahead and excited about what’s to come, the new things we can do and the new things we can try.

“There is nothing like being face to face with people. The fans who come year after year are wonderful. For them it is indeed a pilgrimage and they have been going there for much longer than I have. .

“It’s a really special part of people’s calendars. It builds the essence of what meeting and sharing the live musical experience is all about.”

The Tamworth Country Music Festival runs from April 18-24. Fanny Lumsden performs at the Capitol Theater on April 23.

Fanny Lumsden’s Country Halls Tour Dates 2022

Fri March 18 – Trundle War Memorial Hall (Trundle)
Sat 19 March – Grenfell Show Pavilion (Grenfell)
Fri March 25 – Ariah Park Hall (Ariah Park)
Sat March 26 – Montreal Community Theater (Tumut)
Sun March 27 – Wombat Hall (Wombat)
Sat 23 April – Tamworth CMF @ Capitol Theater (Tamworth)
Fri May 6 – Newry Hall (Newry)
Sat May 7 – Community Complex (Violet Town)
Saturday 28 May – Boots & Beach Festival (Port Macquarie)
Sun August 21 – NQ Rockin Country Festival (Mackay)
Saturday August 26 – Gympie Music Muster (Sunshine Coast)


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