Four AGITO systems deployed for the Academy Of Country Music Awards 2022


BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM—AGITO announced that for the production of the 2022 Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM Awards), Director Glenn Weiss has decided to deploy four Motion Impossible AGITO Modular Remote Cart Systems for the Amazon Prime Live and On-Demand Broadcast .

The ACM Awards became the first major awards show to transition from broadcast television to streaming-only, running a shorter two-hour production without commercials.

To handle this, Weiss and DCP Rights, LLC (formerly Dick Clark Productions), requested four AGITOs from John Perry of Los Angeles for the March 7 production at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

“Glenn loved AGITIOs, as he always does,” Perry said. “He’s a regular customer and continues to up his creative game by adding more AGITO every time.” Perry, owner of AGITO Systems, was recently with Weiss for the American Music Awards and the BET Awards.

According to Perry, the ACM Awards stages were designed specifically to incorporate the four AGITOs, as they would be an important part of the show’s appearance.

Given two days for installation and three days of rehearsal, each of the four stages had an AGITO assigned to it. Two AGITO training ends with Trax were on a straight track – one of which had two ARRI heads, a third fully wireless AGITO Trax was on a custom curved track, and the fourth AGITO had a Sports training end for the ability to liberate- wander. The lift for the cameras varied from 4 to 7 feet.

In total, the AGITOs were equipped with three SHOTOVER G1 gyro-stabilized gimbals for Sony HDC-P50 4K/HD compact cameras and two ARRI SRH-360 stabilized remote heads for Sony HDC-4300 cameras.

AGITO’s cameramen were Danny Bonilla, Suzanne Ebner, Pat Gleason, Rob Palmer and Danny Webb. AGITO pilots were Cody Alderman, Matt Greene, Jeff Lee and Daniel Schade.


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