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Mallika Mehta is a singer-songwriter and performer. As an independent artist, she has released 9 original songs so far. A musician from an early age, Mallika today explores music in all its elements and variations. Besides the creative talent of writing heartfelt songs, she also sings in not one, but five languages! She is fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Spanish. Why else do you think Mallika got the title “Adele of Mumbai”? Here is a preview of the very interesting interview we had with the singer-songwriter!

The Musical Journey Begins: Beginning of Life

Mallika started playing keyboards when she was four years old. Her mother had a keyboard, and whatever tunes or melodies were played on it, Mallika could play the same tune without learning or reading musical notes. It’s called “playing by ear” and it was the biggest discovery for her parents that their daughter definitely had the music bug in her. Shortly after, his parents gave him his first keyboard. Mallika still plays this keyboard to this day.

From a young age, Mallika has been surrounded by the creative energies of music and painting, which she says have manifested in social media content. She took a few music lessons, including one at the Voice Academy in New York. It was an intensive program that honed his musical skills. In fact, she recorded her first original song, ‘War Solo’ in New York itself. Mallika was 19 when the song was released, but she wrote it when she was 18. Along with music, marketing also piques Mallika’s interest. She learned marketing at Harvard and Kellogg University. Speaking of digital marketing, she shared that at some point in her life she would definitely want to mix the elements of music with marketing.

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Mallika Mehta releases “But tonight I want to cry”

Mallika Mehta’s debut EP, “Evolve: The Story Of Her”, consists of four singles, including her lead single, “War Solo”. The EP is a personal story, captivating and beautiful like the composition, which Mallika created from scratch. She also has 3 Hindi singles: Kahan Hai Tu, Kaafi and Keh Bhi De and 2 other English singles: Way Too Long and Bling & Pictures.

Her most recent single, ‘But Tonight I Wanna Cry’ is a pop-electronic song which was released on September 21, 2022. It has already crossed 20,000 streams on spotify! She wrote this song last year in November. Originally, instead of this celebratory song, Mallika conceptualized it as a deep piano ballad, until she realized, of course, that she could experiment and explore with something distinct. .

The heart of the song speaks of this moment, of a night, when all the feelings overwhelm you and you give in to your tears. Although Mallika wove the lyrics around the story of trying to get away from someone, she also told us that many of her loyal listeners and followers said that for them the song had another personal interpretation. . Lyricism is something that Mallika favors the most.

A song revolves around the lyrics, and for Mallika, as a songwriter, it’s important that her audience relate to the melodies. The seeds of songwriting were planted in her during her school days, when teachers gave her themes and topics to write poems about. Most often, Mallika wrote these poems for many of her classmates. Therefore, growing up, she wrote random thoughts and poems, and loved playing with words. Fast forward to today, she is now an outstanding songwriter.

For this song, Mallika Mehta was featured on Nasdaq Billboard at New York Times Square! When asked how she felt about it, Mallika replied that reality still hasn’t figured it out. “A crazy feeling. Beyond a bucket list,” she described.

She was crowned “Adele of Mumbai”

Mallika’s two biggest musical inspirations have been Taylor Swift and Adele for as long as she can remember. A few years ago, in 2016, before officially releasing her songs, Mallika posted a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You”. The cover was later posted on Adele’s official website. It was a moment of pride and excitement! People loved how Mallika could match Adele’s unparalleled vocal range. Later, when she released her first original, “War Solo”, an international magazine covered her single and titled the article: “Mallika Mehta: The Next Adele From Mumbai”. Soon after, many media publications started using this title for her and now Mallika is proudly known as the Adele of Mumbai.

The singer had her first solo concert in 2016. She performed more than 50 songs in 4 languages. It was also the year she opened for Kailash Kher. Moreover, she was also able to play with people from all over the world through the Berklee College of Music (Boston), where she was enrolled in an intensive music program and received a partial scholarship for the same. All of this made him believe that music was definitely going to be a constant in his life.

Message from Mallika Mehta to budding musicians

As an independent artist and singer, Mallika took on the biggest challenge to get her song heard. However, now with social media, it is possible, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Keeping up with social media trends, content and updates is a task. However, Mallika definitely relishes the fact that she creates and owns her own music.

For aspiring musicians, songwriters and singers, the Adele of Mumbai has the message to always remember why they are doing this, which is their passion and love for music. Keep putting yourself out there, playing whenever you can, streaming your music content, and getting your music heard. If you are very passionate about your art, you will succeed for sure.

Credits: YouTube (MALLIKA MEHTA)

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