Give your mature car a modern musical makeover with GIZZU


There are many reasons to own and drive an older car, from lower costs, vintage aesthetics, nostalgia and the simple “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. not “.

While this is all great, a big issue is the audio. Most older cars have no way of interfacing with new technology. The lack of features like USB and an audio jack severely limits your options when it comes to enjoying rides with music, podcasts, audiobooks and more.

Even for those who aren’t looking to listen to their favorite content on the go, that also means missing out on opportunities to charge your phone or make calls.

Luckily, device maker GIZZU is here to help. The company has caused a stir in South Africa with a range of products available now.

Two notable models are the FM transmitters which come in two versions: the dual USB Type A variant (pictured below) and the version pictured above which includes a USB Type A plug and a USB Type C port.

Both versions have plenty of features, but they both strive to give you greater accessibility to the audio system that already exists in your car. These devices accomplish this by using an FM transmitter. This allows you to channel your own audio which the devices will then turn into an FM signal. This signal can then be picked up by your normal car radio and played like a normal radio station.

For those who have been looking for a way to access your audio without replacing the radio entirely, this is the answer. Buying either of these is a lot cheaper than replacing the radio entirely and, for those who ride genuine vintage rides that might be sullied by such a change, it’s a welcome option.

Each unit is powered by a single cable connected through the now defunct cigarette lighter port. The real trick here is that the port is no longer dedicated just to your GIZZU FM transmitter, as both have a USB passthrough that you can use for your modern tech.

As mentioned, each version comes with different port options, but both share Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge technology which can deliver up to 18W of power. This fast-charging technology is especially welcome when you’re using your phone’s battery on GPS and audio and arriving at your location with less charge than you’d like. Fast charging means you can quickly grab juice before you leave the car, instead of leaving it plugged in for the whole drive.

While USB is great in all its forms, there’s more connectivity to look forward to. Audio can also be transmitted via Bluetooth 5.0, a 3.5mm AUX port or even by inserting a MicroSD card. The latter option is ideal for “set and forget”, which is essential for road trips.

And the features don’t stop there as you might have seen the call buttons on the faces of these devices. You’ll find call support via Google Assistant and Siri, combined with a Clear Voice Capture (CVC) microphone for better calls. Not only do these GIZZU FM transmitters reinvent the radio for your old vehicle, they also add easy phone call options.


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