Greta Van Fleet: Modern music is broken – and we’re here to fix it


Greta Van Fleet says one of the goals of their young career is to reintroduce the masses to the sound of “authentic blues-rock”.

The Michigan team just released their highly anticipated debut album. peaceful army anthem and opened up about their influences, their hopes and, yes, those Led Zeppelin comparisons in an interview with Premier Guitar.

Bassist Sam Kiszka says, “I think what really sets us apart is when our music arrives. Right now it comes at a time when your stereo isn’t getting genuine music signals. And it’s time for that to change.

“Greta Van Fleet has a chance to bring authentic blues-rock back to the popular stage.

“We are three brothers and a best friend, we really love each other, we write all our songs together and we put the power behind our music in this modern scene.”

The band have been criticized by some rock fans for sounding too similar to Led Zeppelin, but guitarist Jake Kiszka doesn’t let that worry him.

He says, “There’s a pretty wide range of influences that we grew up with. Being a band for this generation, we are still a product of our environment. I think we’re blatantly showing that these are things that influenced us growing up, and not just Led Zeppelin.

“It’s the Beatles and all the music of the British Invasion and American roots and so many other things. But we’re not shy or downhearted to say we were influenced by Led Zeppelin. We are not trying to hide anything.

Greta Van Fleet will be heading to Europe for live shows later this month and in November and a tour is planned for 2019, when they visit Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK and North America.


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