Hank Williams III Releases Side Project Album “Grandiose Delusions”


From September, Hank Williams III started releasing demo recordings, scratch tracks and other bits of audio via YouTube that he seems to have accumulated over the years, some of the stuff probably only suitable for audiophiles, archivists and Hank3 enthusiasts, and other tracks being some pretty cool songs we haven’t heard before from the 3rd Gen artist. As it has now been over nine years since Hank3 officially released any new music, it was well received by most fans, although they had to dig to find something they liked.

Audio releases haven’t been exclusively country tracks, just as Hank3’s career has been a blend of other genres, especially punk and metal. In fact, most YouTube content adapts outside of the country. This is especially true for a full album that Hank3 released on YouTube in recent days, titled weekend star under the group name Grandiose Delusions, and an unreleased Hank3 alias called Tripz Loop Killer.

Most definitely a departure from Hank3’s country stuff, and even his punk and metal projects, much of Grandiose Delusions’ material is an odd blend of heavy synthesizer electronica with a dark metal undertone. The image of a cover design in one of the videos reveals more details about this project which may have been set at some point for proper release via “Hank 3 Records”.

All songs written by Tripz Loop Killer except “Dragon Attack” written by Brian May. All rhythm tracks were played live on this disc. No loops allowed! Drums, keyboards, bass, vocals, electric guitar, performed, engineered, mixed and mastered by Tripz Loop Killer years ago in the Underground Bunker section of Haunted Ranch’s institutional supreme program that never gives a straight answer Once tuned all levels of authorization by the Government.”

“My Beater” was written directly for special guest Mickey Avalon! Roland, Korg, Arturia, TC Helicon, Sure, Peavy, Trace Elliot, Pearl Drums, Roscoe Basses. Artistic layout By The Clown in TX. Thanks to Bloodize Eden Prosper from Muse. Special thanks to: Megaforce Records, Patrick Files, Maria Ferrero/Adrenaline PR and Mike Boles. Reservation: Contact TKO

Although some Hank Williams III fans seem to be freaking out that this album denotes a new shift in approach to his career, Hank3 seems to have recorded this album many years ago as a basement project, just like most of the tracks he released recently. . If he thought it was a major album, he wouldn’t release it for free on YouTube. He allegedly made CDs and uploaded them to Spotify.

According to the liner notes, the album was recorded in the basement of Hank3’s Haunted Ranch, which was his place in east Nashville where he ran his operation for years before being forced out of the house. place many years ago. According to Hank3he was forced to leave the Haunted Ranch and had difficulty finding a new base of operations which resulted in his near-demise from recording and touring for a decade.

Perhaps the output of all this previously recorded material is that Hank3 is kicking off the cobwebs and gearing up for something new. Saving Country Music contacted Hank3, but he did not respond. As one of the catalysts for the current indie country music resurgence we live in right now, Hank3’s absence was felt distinctly, just as his return would be heralded, although some were concerned about how the new “woke” world we live in would handle an uncensored character like Hank3, or vice versa.

Recently on the hit podcast “2 bears, 1 cavewhich pairs comedian Tom Segura with Bert Kreischer (and sometimes others), the subject of country music was broached, first in the form of Hank Williams Jr. and his song “Country Boy Can Survive”, then of Hank Williams III, which will revive those who knew Hank3 at the time.

“That mother-cker,” Bert Kreischer starts. “He puts on a show. He has two groups. He rides and plays legit honky tonk. Hank3 is a bad mother-cker. I took my whole team to see it. He plays two shows. He’s got one with his punk band that’s after. And then he has one with his country and western band. He does two sets. He sings like his grandfather.

It’s the reason people are salivating for new stuff and a resurgence of Hank Williams III. For many however, Grandiose Delusions and weekend star will be more of a curiosity than a pleasure for the appetite. But it’s also important to understand that this is not a major Hank3 release. This is part of the hard drive dump that Hank3 is hopefully doing to free up some space for a fresh start.

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Grandiose Delusions tracks can be found on Hank3’s Youtube.
(videos not embeddable due to age restrictions)


1. Contempt
2. Ask N 2 U
3. No hesitation
4. Cummin Up 4 Air
5. Better Hit That
6. Endless Love
7. Defend Me
8. Gotta feel it
9. What’s It Gonna Be
10. Part of Me
11. Truth or Dare
12. Shame
13. Mother Phone
14. Rhythm control
15. The Weekend Star
17. Locked Up
18. Back seat breaker
19. Weapons of Tragedy
20. Let’s do our makeup
21. My Drummer
22. Melt the Stars
23. Tense
24. Grand Delusions
25. Just for Dom
26. Don’t Expect Me
27. Dragon Attack


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