How being a dad changed the way country music star Thomas Rhett eats


Being a parent is a 24/7 job, but Rhett said it was tougher in the morning when he was tasked with getting his children ready for school. Wondering what a country music legend puts in his kids’ lunchboxes? Rhett confessed that he was guided by his wife. “When I get up in the morning to make the kids’ lunches – I wouldn’t do that – my wife loves taking cookie cutters. If I’m making a turkey sandwich or a peanut butter sandwich, we’ll dab the sandwich with a heart or a rainbow,” he explained. “I find myself crushing the outer parts of the sandwich at six in the morning.”

If that sounds hectic to you, Rhett insists those early morning sandwich-making sessions have nothing to do with the chaos that befalls the family when there’s an illness to battle. “My God, when all four kids, including me and Lauren, all got sick at the same time with different things,” Rhett said. “You have a stomach virus, or you have a cough, and you have a fever. It’s like, because you don’t want a family member to come and help you because you don’t want not that anyone else gets sick,” he added. “You’re like, ‘I don’t want to get off the couch right now,’ but everyone needs something from me or something from Lauren. When everyone’s sick, it’s survival mode. at that time. That would be the craziest part of being a parent for us, of course.”

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