How Priscilla Block brings the party to country music


So what’s the next step? Country music fans may have something else to look forward to from Block, who dreams of performing on “CMT Crossroads” with Lizzo.

What would they sing, you ask?

“‘Truth Hurts’ and ‘Thick Thighs’,” she replies. “I feel like there might be a mix up with that. And I want Lizzo freaking out on the flute during ‘Thick Thighs’. I see it coming. I see us both twerking together. It’s okay just be a while.

In fact, Priscilla often jokes during her live performances that if the audience forgets her name, all they have to do is search for her song “Thick Thighs” and she’ll come right over. So, Lizzo, if you’re out there, let’s make all these rumors true.

“I stopped worrying about what people think,” Block explained. “I’m a curvy girl, and why can’t I sing about it too? And I think seeing people’s response? It’s like, ‘Why can’t I own this and not wouldn’t be proud?'”

Oh, and as for his block party? Priscilla asks that the Kardashians be the guests of honor, although she has one condition. “They can organize! That would be even better because I’m sure their party would be way better than mine!”

You can catch Priscilla Block at any of these Welcome to the Block Party Tour dates now until October.


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