INXS’ Andrew Farriss explains how he embraced country music as a solo artist


Foundation INXS member Andrew Farriss has been busy promoting his first solo album of 2021, a self-titled effort that sees the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter putting aside his famed band’s funky modern rock sound in favor of heavily country and American-influenced tracks.

Farriss, who lives on a cattle farm in his native Australia, says his lifestyle has helped him connect with people in rural southern and southwestern parts of the United States and embrace the popular music in these regions.

“Those experiences for me drew me more and more to where I am now, which is kind of country rock, Americana, folk music,” he explains to ABC Audio, “because I feel like I’m connected with communities that aren’t t city dwellers or suburbanites I get it now I get it now [that] I lived there and I did it.”

Andrew also notes that additional inspiration for the songs on his solo album of a journey on horseback came from what he took with his wife a few years ago along the Mexican border in Arizona and New Mexico. Farriss says he became fascinated with the history of the western United States and began writing tunes that draw parallels between the region and his own country.

“I started thinking more and more lyrically about how to tap into both Australiana and Americana, and join them together,” he explains. “I could sing songs about bushrangers, as they’re called, or outlaws, in Australia, I could sing about outlaws in America. But it was the cultural fusion…it’s was something powerful.”

Farriss tells ABC Audio that when performing live, he includes INXS songs alongside his solo material, noting that when performing songs from his old band, “I like to rearrange them”.

Andrew Farriss is available now.

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