Jimmie Allen shakes up the country music industry by mixing country pop and R&B


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Country music singer Jimmie Allen, known for integrating country pop and R&B, delivered a live performance at the “Fox & Friends American Summer Concert Series” At New York.

The singer told “Fox & Friends” that he grew up in Milton, Delaware and described how his passion for country music came from his father. He recalled how his dad listened to country music and made him listen to “cool stuff” growing up.

Allen also opened up about how each of his albums so far have been tied to his family.

“So ‘Mercury Lane’, my first record, was the street I grew up on. A lot of the songs in there were around that time in life. My mindset, kind of the lessons that I ‘ve learned from ‘Mercury Lane,'” he said. “And the second album was a collaboration album called ‘Bettie James Gold Edition’. I named it after my grandma and my dad, and it was just a collaboration with some of my favorite artists and some of the And my grandma was a big fan of the Oak Ridge Boys, so I had them there.

“You know, my dad was a big, you know, Charley Pride fan, Brad Paisley fan,” Allen continued. “I have to do something with them. And I’m a fan of, you know, of course, like everyone else on the record, but I had to throw Pitbull on it, had Nelly, had Monica, you know, had Keith Urban , had Darius Rucker there.”

Allen said he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2007 to try to make it big, but found himself homeless, living in his car.

He recalled how he will always remember a guy who gave him a dollar.

“It’s crazy, like, how a dollar can change someone’s life,” he said. “You know, for me, that’s how I ate for two days, you know. And I tell people all the time, I challenge people to, you know, if you have a supplement, give- the, because a dollar might not make or break you, but it might completely help someone else’s day.”

Allen says he always carries a few spare dollars with him to pay him back and gives them by the end of the week.

Jimmie Allen’s latest album was released on June 24 and he is set to tour with Carrie Underwood this fall, making stops in cities across America.


Country music singer and songwriter Chris Lane will headline next week’s “Fox & Friends All-American Summer Concert Series.”

Viewers can stream each concert live on fox nation or tune into “Fox & Friends.”

Fans can attend the concerts in person at FOX Square every Friday until August 26. They are free to the public and are held in FOX Square at 48th Street and 6th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.


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