Jimmie Allen’s glorious journey from ‘American Idol’ to country music fame


american idol The 2022 Live Shows are just around the corner and this week the Top 24 are battling for a spot in the Top 20, with dreams of reaching the Top 14 and Live Shows. To help judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan in their decisions are big names in the music world, including Jimmie Allen and Bebe Rexha.

During the Sunday, April 10 episode, Jimmie Allen was reduced to tears after contestant Mike Parker performed his hit song “Best Shot” and shared that Allen inspired him to pursue country music as a than a black artist.

Allen is no stranger to the world of american idolafter auditioning for the show once before and since then has gone on a glorious journey of american idol to country music fame.

Born in 1985 in Milton, Sussex County, Delaware, Allen moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in music.

At first, he struggled to make a name for himself in the music scene and fell on hard times, at one point living out of his car.

He first auditioned for America has talent, before having more success with American idol.

Allen appeared on american idol Season 10 in 2011, performing Maroon 5’s hit “Sunday Morning” for his audition.

During his time in the competition, he played with Colton Dixon and befriended Scotty McCreery, who won the competition overall.

Unfortunately, Allen didn’t make the live shows and was eliminated before securing a spot in the Top 24. However, american idol played a big role in shaping his career.

For example, when 2011 winner McCreery went on tour with his debut album, Allen toured alongside him as the opening act.

He then signed with Broken Bow Records in 2017, releasing his debut single “Best Shot” in 2018 which peaked at number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Best Shot” was eventually certified platinum and he released his debut album “Mercury Lane” in 2018.

Jimmie Allen performing on American Idol 2022.
ABC/Karen Neal

Allen released “This Is Us,” a duet with Noah Cyrus in 2020, and “Freedom Was a Highway” with Brad Paisley.

He won the Country Music Association award for New Artist of the Year in 2021, the first black artist to win the award since Darius Rucker in 2009.

He was nominated for the 2022 Grammy for Best New Artist, the first american idol alum since Carrie Underwood to be nominated.

The 2022 season isn’t the only time Allen has returned american idol. He appeared in Season 19 last year as a duo alongside contestants Alanis Sophia and Cecil Ray.

On the Sunday, April 10 episode, Mike Parker, 27, a carpenter from Warrenton, Va., admitted that Allen was one of his biggest inspirations.

He shared, “His journey is what inspires millions of like me” before going on to perform one of Allen’s “Best Shot” songs, unaware that Allen would serve as a guest mentor.

Before Parker performed, Allen joked, “Are you gonna sing that terrible song?”

After Parker’s performance, Allen commented, “That song, I was the first black country artist to start in the country and launch a career with a first number one. Make you sing that song right now bro , it’s so dope.”

He continued, “My mum used to tell me ‘you don’t just do this for yourself,’ too,” holding back tears.

“Having him tell me that I mean to him what Charley Pride meant to me is more than I could have asked for. So thank you and thank you for continuing what me, Charley, Mickey, Kane and Darius want see in this kind of music. So thank you,” Allen said.

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