Jordan Davis songs are quickly becoming the staple of country music


If you’ve turned on country radio in the past couple of months, chances are you’ve heard Jordan Davis songs on repeat.

The Louisiana native moved to Nashville in 2012 to fulfill his dream of becoming a songwriter. But her publisher noticed something special in her voice as well as in her songs. Today, Davis has transformed from a relative newcomer to a national ranking top. His career has taken off over the past two years at the most incredible speed.

So, without further ado, we’re giving you the best Jordan Davis hits so far. Keep scrolling below to find out.

1. buy dirt

From: Buying Dirt (2021)

Davis teamed up with Luke Bryan for a song he wrote with his brother Jacob Davis featuring sibling songwriting duo Josh and Matt Jenkins. “Buy Dirt” is a heartwarming reminder of the key to a happy life.

Davis said the whole idea came a few months into the global pandemic, when we were all thinking about the big picture of life.

2. Slow dance in a parking lot

From: State of Origin (2018)

As amazing as it sounds, but this romantic ballad, “Slow Dance In a Parking Lot,” actually relieves the Davis co-writer’s first date with his first wife, where they pulled up in a parking lot and were started dancing slowly to a Garth Brooks. ‘ song.

3. Singles

From: State of Origin (2018)

Davis has a simple explanation for the song “Singles You Up,” and it’s all about hanging around patiently and waiting in the wings for your love, should it become available.

4. Need not

From: Buying Dirt (2021)

Davis finds himself struggling with the loneliness of a broken heart in this groovy track. It captures an internal struggle we know pretty well — and that’s when your heart tells you to go get back together after a breakup.

5. almost maybe

By: Jordan Davis (2019)

Released as the lead single from Davis’ self-titled six-track project, the uptempo tune is a joyful nod to all those big, terrible, indifferent romances that have yet to work out and made you find your true love.

6. take it from me

From: State of Origin (2018)

“Take It From Me” was supposed to be Davis’ first single after signing with MCA Nashville – he even fought to make it possible. However, his team has other things in mind. Still, it’s a special song for Davis because he thought it was “a little more me.”

seven. More cool

By: Jordan Davis (2019)

Isn’t it amazing how you no longer have to pretend to be cool and just be yourself whenever you’re with the person you love? That’s what this song is about.

8. go around

From: State of Origin (2018)

This melodic and catchy song – thanks to its splendid instrumentation – revolves around different facets. He finds Davis obsessed with an abducted girl, who turned out to be his old flame. And now that he’s found out she had a problem with the man she was with, Davis can’t help but wish they would get back together.

9. Church in a Chevy

By: Jordan Davis (2019)

Another song Davis co-wrote with brothers Josh and Matt Jenkins—his core songwriter, “Church In A Chevy,” chronicles a spiritual encounter in a truck. He was inspired by how the pandemic has put spiritual gatherings on total pause.

ten. Detours

By: Jordan Davis (2019)

The thoughtful tone celebrates the wrong turns that ultimately put life on the right path. He was inspired by the road to find his wife, Kristen O’Connor.

11. To lose you

From: Buying Dirt (2021)

While many couples break up and break up, Davis promises to do whatever it takes to keep the love of her life in this romantic late-night jam, “Lose You.”

12. Self-centered

From: State of Origin (2018)

Davis admits he’s often selfish and doesn’t feel guilty! In the song, the country singer cleverly explains how he wants to keep his daughter to himself. She may have already made plans, but he only longs to stay in bed with her all day.

“I guess it’s pretty honest with who I am,” Davis said of the song, explaining that it happens every time he goes off the road after a long tour.

13. Difficult to attach

From: State of Origin (2018)

We all know relationships aren’t always easy, and those complications can be heard on “Tough to Tie Down,” which finds Davis singing about a woman who’s “good to love and better to leave.” Although he finds it quite difficult to get the woman to commit, he sings that he will never stop loving her “as long as this world keeps turning”.

14. Leaving New Orleans

From: State of Origin (2018)

While Davis’ rhythmic singing style often reminds country fans of Sam Hunt, he distinguished himself with exceptional songwriting and unique storytelling – which is very evident on “Leaving New Orleans.” In the song, Davis describes the quaint town that helped shape her diverse sound. However, wherever he goes reminds him of his then lover, so he makes the difficult decision to leave town.

15. Blow up your TV

From: buy dirt (2021)

Ending this list with Davis’ cover of John Prine’s “Blow Up Your TV,” which isn’t just a great tribute to the legendary singer-songwriter, but is a nice reminder to get off the grid for a little while. .

Here are some other Jordan Davis songs you need to hear

Isn’t it amazing how a growing legion of fans can enjoy both Davis’ writing and recording? Well, here are some of his songs that will surely impress you.

  • Dreamed that you did
  • Me too
  • Done this way
  • Appetizers
  • More than I know
  • ruin my weekend
  • A little time
  • I smoked again
  • Drink got me
  • good beer

So, what do you think of this list of Jordan Davis songs?


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