Kane Brown’s new single ‘Like I Love Country Music’ is ‘Super Country’ and features a Brooks & Dunn cameo


Kane Brown said its new single, “Like I Love Country Music” is “super country” and features a cameo from legendary country duo Brooks & Dunn.

Brown discussed his latest single with country nowsharing that he, Jordan Schmidt, Taylor Phillips and Matt McGinn had a co-writing session at a writers retreat while on the road in 2019 when he came up with the song.

Brown admitted that he didn’t really like the song at first.

“When I went up [to the] front [of the tour bus], they had already started the song, ‘Like I Love Country Music.’ And at first, I wasn’t really vibrating with it,” he shared. “Every time he took off, he just wrote himself, and it all just… blended together so well.”

Brown went on to say the song was going to be on his 2020 EP, Mixtape Vol. 1, but he fell in love with the song again. It took listening to the song one more time for Brown to fall in love with the song again and decide to record it.

“I went back and played the demo and fell in love again. So we took it back to the studio and made it hit harder. I sang it again,” he said. he explained to Country Now “Because I feel like my voice has gotten a lot stronger than before, and I’ve fallen in love with it again,” he added.

The song leans into 90s country and references artists like Johnny and June Carter Cash, Willie Nelson and Alan Jackson.

Additionally, the song features a cameo from Brooks & Dunn.

“They both jumped on it,” Brown said while discussing the song with Country Now. “Ronnie does ‘Brand New Man’ and Kix sings ‘I love country music’, the little label.”

The duo did not feature on the song but opted to go into the studio anyway and make an appearance on Brown’s track.

“That’s the cool thing. They walked into the studio and took their time for one line each. It’s not even a feature, but they got in,” Brown explained. “For artists to walk into a studio and do something, technically you want to be a feature film. You want to have a whole verse or a whole chorus. So not only was it great of them to do that, but it’s so impactful in this song. I realized those are the two lines that I sing the most from the song, so that’s cool,” he added.

Brown previously teamed up with Brooks & Dunn to sing their song, “Believe” on their album, TO RESTARTwho re-invent their hits and was released in 2019.

“How I Love Country Music” impacted country radio May 6. Since hitting the country music airwaves, the song has been the most added, with 126 additions, making it a career peak for Brown.

Brown teased the song on her Instagram in a video with her eldest daughter, Kingsley. The father-daughter duo danced in their home’s kitchen to the song while wearing cowboy hats.

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