Kelsea Ballerini wants to “challenge everything” in country music


Kelsea Ballerini spoke on tough country music expectations and how she feels a “duty” to do so in a recent interview with People.

“I just wonder why the boundaries are there in the first place. Like, who put them there? Why are they still there?” she says. “These are just questions that I always ask myself. And since I’m really coming into my own as a woman in country music who has some success under my belt, I think it’s my duty to question everything. .” She continued, “I think as long as the music is the best I can do, why not [challenge expectations]? Why not have a song with a banjo, a song with a beat drop? We do not care? Music is music, and I think there’s room for all of that, and I think there are people who are going to celebrate all of that.”

ballet flats published his new singleHEART FIRST” yesterday (April 8) and described him as “the darling of Corrs and Sheryl Ravenwith a little Shania [Twain] sprinkled on top. She added: “There is a lot of nostalgia in this record. It sounds really inspired by 90s, 90s country and 90s pop… I really wanted to start this next chapter with something that felt good. It’s airy, it’s joyful, and I hope people hear that.” The singer further explained that the song is about “following your instincts and how everything good in life comes from a act of faith, especially love. Love is the greatest leap of faith you can take. It’s terrifying, and that’s the point. The song is about trusting each other [and] your heart.”

Ballerini will co-host the CMT Music Awards alongside actor Anthony Mackie on Monday, April 11, airing at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.


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