Leslie Jordan says goodbye to everyone in new country music video


Leslie Jordan enjoys himself in one of his last performances before his untimely death last month.

The 67-year-old appears in country artist Blanco Brown’s new film music video for his song “Let It Slide”, with LoCash.

Jordan kicks off the video inspired by “The Big Lebowski,” which fell Friday, in a bowling alley, looking at the camera before sending the ball into the lane for a strike.

From there, the ‘Will and Grace’ star is “shaking like a Polaroid photo” in the bowling alleys alongside the singers, while keeping her infectious smile on her face.

A day before the video was released, Jordan’s sister Cricket took to her Instagram page to share a message with her fans.

Leslie Jordan dances in Blanco Brown’s “Let It Slide” music video.
YouTube/Blanco Brown

“Leslie brought love, light, and countless acts of joy into a sometimes dark world. As Leslie’s sister, I wanted to share this song and video not just as a tribute to her life, but as a last gift for all of us.

“Thank you Leslie for sharing with us the gift of your life and love. I know how excited you were for the world to hear ‘Let It Slide’ and I can’t wait to share it tomorrow.

Leslie Jordan dancing in Blanco Brown's
The men dance in the bowling alley in the video.
YouTube/Blanco Brown

Another post promoting the video came Friday with the note: “As Leslie says, ‘kiss yo blues bye bye.’ Surround yourself with your friends and family and take a minute to love, laugh and dance. We hope you enjoy this song and dance as much as Leslie enjoyed making it.

Brown also posted in memory of Jordan, thanking Cricket for “encouraging us to move forward as planned tomorrow and sharing his wonderful talents with the world”.

Leslie Jordan country music video
Leslie Jordan’s sister Cricket wrote a message to her fans on Instagram.
YouTube/Blanco Brown

Jordan tragically died October 24 after crashing his car into an apartment building in Los Angeles. His official cause of death has not been announced, but a heart attack has been suspected.

He would have complains of shortness of breath in the weeks leading up to his death, so much so that he made a doctor’s appointment that he was unlucky to keep.


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