List of casino and gambling scenes in popular music videos


The Player – Kenny Rogers

Traveling back in time to another classic hit performed by none other than Kenny Rogers, the name says it all when it comes to ‘The Gambler’. The video features Kenny, giving the audience a bit of the gamer mentality and slowly embarking on a solo game. While it’s hard to pinpoint what the outcome of the game was, the lyrics and video go hand in hand to create the perfect gaming experience.

This song is definitely for the next poker night with friends. Hearing Kenny Rogers give valuable advice on how to play poker is a wonderful way to spend the night with friends.

Out of Touch – United Nations

In 2004, British dance group Uniting Nations caused a stir with their Hall & Oates cover “Out of Touch”. The song was an instant hit and managed to peak at 15 on the UK charts and 3 in Finland, which is a great performance considering the songs that were released at that time.

One of the main reasons for the hype is the music video, which features a vivacious young man playing strip poker alone against everyone at a table full of very beautiful women. The video also shows the thrill and excitement of playing high stakes poker with incredibly handsome partners.

Magic 24K – Bruno Mars

Closer in time, we find one of the most listened to and danced artists today: Bruno Mars. For many, he is the funk and rhythmic successor to the best of Michael Jackson, beyond the strange theory circulating on the web about the possibility of being family members. In this case, it offers an extremely catchy song. This song describes the magic of playing high-stakes games and the lavish lifestyle some people dream of.

The video recalls hundreds of scenes of excess and fun in Las Vegas, where he walks through the best casinos in the region accompanied by dozens of people. It managed to amass over a billion views on YouTube and continues to appear on the Billboard 100 even to this day.

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino – Arctic Monkeys

Another of the bands that have recently revitalized the English rock scene with modern guitars and new songs. However, for the video for this song, they choose to rely on the classic casino aesthetic, bringing their charismatic frontman Alex Turner to step into the shoes of a 70s idol while the luxury of a casino and a five-star hotel shines through. your entourage.

If you did not know this video, we invite you to watch it very carefully because it is full of details that are worth enjoying, in addition to taking a catchy and sweet song for your playlist. More than that, Arctic Monkeys ceases to impress due to the powerful visual effects and overall vibe that the video and song lyrics give off. It’s a truly wonderful experience, and it will sound great playing in any casino around the world.


In the end, it’s amazing how many popular artists have incorporated casinos and gambling into their music videos and how their creative vision has been translated. All of these music videos are very entertaining to watch, and we highly recommend that you watch them all for see the genius behind them.


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