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The Listen to 5 minutes of classical music the project returns to schools in Romania starting today, September 19 Radio România Musical announcement.

Created in 2010, the project plays music in public places such as hypermarkets, shopping malls, bookstores, libraries and museums, and expanded to public schools in 2014.

Listen to 5 minutes of classical music is now a national program in Romanian schools, based on a protocol signed between Radio România Muzical and the Ministry of Education. During the last school year, 2021-2022, more than 250,000 students from Bucharest and 34 other counties in the country participated in the program, reported.

The principle of the project is simple: each week, the pupils are offered two musical works to listen to, accompanied by explanations about the composers and performers. The exhibits can be consulted by teachers, through departmental coordinators appointed by the specialist inspectors of each department, or directly online on the project’s website, where children can also take part in a quiz on the information provided each week.

For the 2022-2023 school year, the pieces of the week offer a chronological journey through the history of religious music, from Ars nova to modern composers, so that any participating child can discover the great styles of music. culture and its most important creators.

Radio România Muzical offers through this project support for music teachers and all those interested in music education in the general education system. Over the years, the project has been met with interest by children and teachers.

The project has also kept its component intended for a wider audience: that of listening to classical music in unconventional spaces. The main chains of hypermarkets, shopping centers and stores in Romania are involved in the project and will play a selected work from the cult repertoire made available by Radio România Muzical every day of October, starting from October 1st.

Listen to 5 minutes of classical music is a project initiated and organized by Cristina Comandașu, director of Radio România Muzical.

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