Loretta Lynn Songs: Here’s the Artist’s Most Popular Music


The “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and Kentucky’s own Loretta Lynn – the iconic singer once considered “the queen of country music” – died Tuesday at her Tennessee home at the age of 90.

Born in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, she is one of the Bluegrass State’s most famous stars.

To commemorate Lynn’s operatic legacy, we’ve collected some of her most notable songs, in part from Lynn’s 1968 album “Greatest Hits.”

1. “Don’t come home drinking”

Recording date: October 5, 1966

2. “You’re not woman enough”

Date of recording: November 15, 1965

3. “Dear Uncle Sam”

Date of recording: November 15, 1965

4. “Success”

Date of recording: September 8, 1961

5. “If you haven’t been gone too long”

Date of recording: January 18, 1967

6. “The Pill”

Date of recording: December 12, 1972

7. “The Other Woman”

Date of recording: January 9, 1963

8. “Wine, women and song”

Date of recording: February 26, 1964

9. “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man”

Date of recording: July 9, 1973

10. “The Coal Miner’s Daughter”

Date of recording: October 1, 1969

11. “Hello honey”

Date of recording: July 14, 1970

12. “Kentucky Blue Girl”

October 14, 1964

Plus, you can vote for your favorite Loretta Lynn song in the poll below:

This story was originally published October 4, 2022 12:09 p.m.

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