Luton teenager soars high in country music world as she tops iTunes charts again


A teenage girl from Luton who wants to be a country music star has already got off to a good start.

Olivia Lynn matched the success of her debut single, Modern Girl, earlier this year with another track, Anchor In The Storm, released on December 18.

Like his first track, Anchor In The Storm also topped the iTunes Country Charts.

olivia lynn

The original success of Modern Girl made Olivia “the youngest, fastest and first stranger” to reach number one on the iTunes Country charts. The track also reached 34th place in the UK Top 40.

She has been singing since she was very young and her main ambition is to break into the world of country music.

“I have waited for this day all my life,” she admits. “I’ve always been a country girl at heart, but growing up I discovered pop. So to say I’m thrilled to be able to merge the two and create amazing country pop music is an understatement.”

She grew up with a love of Dolly Parton. “My grandmother and I used to sing her songs,” she recalls. “And my mom always encouraged me. She and I love musicals and movies.”

Olivia, 16, has competed for as long as she can remember: “I did Luton’s Got Talent and finished second, which led to a performance at Luton Mela.

“I also took part in The Voice Kids UK and won a modeling competition at Luton Mall.”

Additionally, the former Stopsley High alumnus has performed at numerous open mic parties and is always happy to perform at gala events. She says, “I love that Luton is such a united community, raising awareness of important issues and funding much needed local charities.”

Her big break came when her mom saw an ad on Facebook for an audition for a girl group.

Olivia – who has 100,000 subscribers on TikTok – didn’t get the job but obviously made a good impression. “A few months later, they contacted my mom and asked if I would be interested in a solo career,” she says. “I jumped at the chance.”


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