Mark Ronson’s Watch the Sound breaks down modern music production


Mark Ronson’s Watch the Sound breaks down modern music production

Marc Ronson‘s Watch the sound is a new docuserie released on Apple TV + which explores the unique production techniques of modern music. Each episode of the six-part series delves into the technology that revolutionized modern music such as sampling, automatic adjustment, reverberation, synthesizers, drum machines, and Distortion. The show includes appearances from artists such as Paul McCartney, Charli xcx, the silly boys, Curry Denzel, Taming Impala, and much more. Ronson discusses the aforementioned six elements of music production with these artists and presents some studio demonstrations of the techniques.

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In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, Ronson described the series as his “dream TV show.” He said it was impossible to cover all the production techniques and technologies he wanted in the span of six episodes, so he chose those that were major aspects of the modern music world. Ronson sums up the overall purpose of the show perfectly by saying:

“Sound is that thing in music – of course in music the most important thing will always be the song, the voice, the performance, but then you go to that next level where you talk about arrangement, sounds, kick, snare, the 808, and that’s what makes the difference between a great song and an iconic recording, like something we will remember forever.

The series is now available exclusively on Apple TV +. Check out the Mark Ronson trailer Watch the sound below:

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