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THE DALES – Serious Theatre, in partnership with the Wasco County Cultural Trust Coalition, brings art and music together in a special event taking place Sunday, October 2 at 2 p.m.

Dalles artist Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield will create a painting on glass while pianist Garry Estep will provide accompaniment to modern music. This event will be held at the Zion ELCA Lutheran Church, located at the corner of 10th and Union Streets and is free and open to the public.

The musical program includes American Berserk by John Adams, Piano Etudes by Philip Glass, Four Piano Blues by Aaron Copland and Chromatic Fantasy by Dave Brubeck.

About the artists

Pepin-Wakefield is an internationally exhibited and published artist and author with a doctorate in human and organizational systems, which has little to do with her painting styles.

Her award-winning “Babe in the Woods” book series, set in the log cabin she built at age 18 in the Oregon wilderness, is available in print, digital and audio formats. An interview with Pepin-Wakefield in her log cabin is included in Irene Lusztig’s documentary “Yours in Sisterhood”, a portrait of feminism centered on letters written to Ms. Magazine.

Screenwriter Schuyler Evans is currently writing a cinematic treatment based on her debut book, “Babe in the Woods: Building a Life One Log at a Time.”

Pepin-Wakefield is also the author of “Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait” and “Suitcase Filled with Nails: Lesson Learned from Teaching Art in Kuwait”, her work history as a university professor in Kuwait, teaching the art to Muslim women.

His art studio is located at 3735 Klindt Drive in The Dalles.


Cincinnati, Ohio, Estep, a Cincinnati native, began learning to read music and play the piano when he was 10 years old. At age 13, he began studying at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. This launched a lifelong passion as a pianist/accompanist.

Estep continued his studies at the Ohio State University School of Music and the Julliard School. Working in New York, Nashville and Louisville, he played jazz in clubs, accompanied concerts, operas and ballets. He wrote and arranged music, became principal accompanist and vocal coach at Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music and conducted music at the Heritage House Dinner Theater, not to mention playing piano and pipe organ in many many churches.

After 20 years, he earned an advanced degree in physics and computer science and worked for NASA, The Boeing Company, and Insitu while continuing to “game” in his spare time. Now retired, Estep is an organist at the Zion ELCA Lutheran Church and Christian Science, he founded and is artistic director of the Serious Theater, directs the Cascade Singers and is responsible for ensuring that the five pipe organs Tiles are played. regularly.


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