Modern music stays on the charts for 45.3 days on average


NEW YORK, March 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – According to a new study by Buhamster, a piece of music in the United States stays on the charts for 45.3 days on average. Our findings are here:

The methods
Buhamster analyzed 804 tracks by 465 artists on the Billboard Hot-100 charts. They also divided the samples into the TOP-100, TOP-10, TOP-3 and TOP-1 tables. The investigation period was one year.

Main conclusions

  • A piece of music remains in the TOP-100 for 45.3 days
  • 42.6% of the tracks are in the TOP-100 for just one week
  • 28.4% of songs can be in the TOP 10 for more than 10 weeks
  • The best song among the samples spent 52 weeks in the TOP-100
  • Each artist made 1.73 tracks which entered the TOP-100

Average life of the tracks
Buhamster found that the average lifespan of a piece of music in the TOP-100 is 45.3 days. In the TOP-10, the result is 44.9 days. In the TOP-3, it’s 28 days. And TOP-1 songs live 16.5 days on average.

ohonly oa week in the graphics
The survey showed that 42.6% of the TOP-100 tracks are only on the charts for one week. In the TOP-10, this applies to 40% of the tracks. In the TOP-3, this rises to 56.4% and reaches its peak in the TOP-1 with 68.2%.

More than 10 weeks in the graphics
There was only one track in the TOP-1 which stayed there for more than 10 weeks, which represents 4.5%. In the TOP-100, 24.5% of all leads remained for more than 10 weeks. It is surprising that this number rises to 28.4% in the TOP-10 and drops sharply for the TOP-3 to 10.2%.

Lifetime of the best pieces in the graphics
There was a TOP-100 record holder who stayed there for 52 weeks. The best result for the TOP-10 is 42 weeks. In the TOP-3, the best track survived for 17 weeks and for the TOP-1 it was 11 weeks.

Number of songs per performer
Each artist who entered the charts produced 1.73 tracks. In TOP-3, we have 1.05 tracks per performer.

Check Out Buhamster’s Findings Here:

This survey was conducted by the Buhamster site, which aims to create first-class entertaining and informative content. You can also find the information on their YouTube channel here:

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