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Caroline Jones learns to take risks in her young career with seasoned country artists.

Jones will show some of this skill as she performs with Zac Brown Band on Sunday night at the Monument. Jones is a special artist for the eight-piece group following the release of their second album “Antipodes”.

“I feel like having a little less rigidity and less risk aversion is a good thing,” Jones said. “Don’t be afraid to improvise on stage, don’t be afraid to ruin everything. They are all very free on stage and all very experienced on stage.

She said playing with the eight-piece group taught her to become freer and more confident. She said performing for crowds of 20,000 comes with a learning curve, but a musician has to experience it.

The Connecticut country artist said she had been writing songs and playing music since she was 10 or 11, but had her first manager when she was 17 who told her to ‘go to Nashville.

Jones said it was “as much of a shock to me as to anyone else” to be told to come down south, but he fell in love with the songwriters and the way they captured them. and fascinated the audience with a guitar.

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From there, she fell in love with country, which led her to write her own music. Jones said she had lived in Nashville on and off for 10 years while attending college and visiting the Northeast.

Jones said she worked with producer Rick Wake for a few years, which set her on the path to opening for the Brown Band in 2017. She also opened for the group in 2018 and 2019. She said it did. had led to the opening of places for artists like Jimmy. Buffet and Kenny Chesney too.

She said her top priority has always been musicality and grandeur.

“Being close to Zac and the rest of the band, learning from them and getting a masterclass every night on stage is the blessing of a lifetime,” Jones said.

His biggest challenge while touring with the band is finding the roles to play.

Jones said there are over 50 songs on rotation for Zac Brown Band setlists. She said they don’t really rehearse other than the new seven on the band’s album.

She said there would be a song from “Antipodes”, which is Jones’ song with Zac Brown Band.

This will be the tour’s second trip to South Dakota on the tour, where he previously played at South Dakota State University.

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