New Podcast Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Tamworth Country Music Festival | The head of the daily newspaper in the North



The Tamworth Country Music Festival turns 50 this year and we’re marking the occasion with a special podcast: Celebrating Aussie Country. Listen to your current or upcoming favorite Australian country music star, then listen to a song from their catalog. The podcast uses the listening experience of Spotify Music + Talk, which brings together music and spoken word. This unique format mixes entire songs and interviews into one show. It’s a new way for you to discover and connect with music and artists. Hence, Celebrating Aussie Country is best experienced on your phone through the Spotify app. I have the Spotify app on my phone If you already have the Spotify app, search for Celebrating Aussie Country and follow the show. Or, if you’re reading this on your phone, click below to jump straight to it. If you have a premium Spotify account, you’ll experience interviews with Australian country mainstays and budding stars, interspersed with their biggest hits. If you have the free version of Spotify, you’ll still get our behind-the-scenes interviews, but you’ll only hear a 30-second preview of the songs. On your mobile app, you will be able to see the segment of the interview and the song listed in the episode, just click Explore Episode or tap the play bar at the bottom of your screen. You can interact with the music in the episodes the same way you do with any song track on Spotify. You can like songs and record songs without leaving the podcast. I don’t have Spotify on my phone Spotify is a free mobile app for listening to music and podcasts. If you want to listen to Celebrating Aussie Country, you can download the app and create a free account, which gives you access to Spotify’s entire music and podcast catalog. With the free version, you’ll get the full Celebrating Aussie Country interviews, but only a 30-second preview of the artist’s songs. Can I listen with another podcast app? Since the Music + Talk podcast format is only possible on Spotify, you cannot find Celebrating Aussie Country there. Spotify is the only podcast platform with the Music Catalog to support a format like this. I want to use the Spotify web player on my computer. This podcast format is only available through the mobile app.




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