Newest Additions to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#110)


The Saving Country Music Top 25 playlist is designed to keep you up to date with all the best songs and albums coming out right here in country and roots music. It’s available on most streaming formats (see below), or you can simply use the song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to. New songs have just been added.

Latest additions:

Kimmi Bitter – “I Dream About You” – She stunned playlist listeners with her original song ‘My Grass Is Blue’ which evoked the best of Patsy Cline, and now Kimmi Bitter is back with another countrypolitan-sounding instant classic called ‘I Dream of You’. We’re dreaming that Kimmi Bitter will drop a whole record of that golden age country goodness on us sooner rather than later. But for now, these singles satisfy our classic country hearts.

The war and the treaty – “The game of lovers” – When The War and Treaty sang with UMG Nashville earlier this year, we know it could be important. Now they give us a taste of their next album produced by Dave Cobb. “Lover’s Game” is a blazing southern rock soul country anthem, showcasing what The War & Treaty do best.

Alex Williams – “Rock Bottom” – Alex’s new album Make peace is the maturing of a modern country music Outlaw with a voice made for singing country music. In addition to being well written, “Rock Bottom” allows the great players gathered for the album to stretch their legs for favorable results.

Wesley Hanna – “Back to the Honky Tonks” – It’s one of those songs so well written, you’re convinced it must have been a hit in the 70s that you just missed. Wesley Hanna has a whole album of them in Brand new love potionand sings hell to boot.

Dailey and Vincent – “Dig a little deeper in the well” – If you thought the days of country music giving you goosebumps with four-part harmonies like the Oak Ridge Boys and the Statler Brothers were over, think again. Dailey and Vincent are joined by bassist Aaron McCune on this gem from the bluegrass duo’s debut country album called Let’s sing country!.

Brit Taylor – “Kentucky Blue” “Kentucky Blue – both the song and the album – is so revelatory of love, life and Kentucky”, Taylor said. “Whether you’re mourning the death of a relationship, a dream, a family member, or even a personal idol such as Loretta Lynn, ‘Kentucky Blue’ speaks to your heart in this unique Appalachian musical language. .” The album produced by Sturgill Simpson will be released on February 3, 2023.

Emily Nenni – “The Cock and the Hen” – Leaving a series of broken hearts in her wake and bringing a lively enthusiasm to vintage country, Emily Nenni proves that evoking older sounds in new country music doesn’t have to translate to fuddy-duddy sentiment. “The rooster and the hen” is a hidden gem of his new album At the ranch.

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The Saving Country Music Top 25 playlist lives primarily on Spotify, but is also available to those who use Amazon Music, Youtube, Apple Musicand Tide. For those who don’t stream music, you can still find the song recommendations in list form below.

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Note: The songs in this playlist are designed for listening pleasure and fluency. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving the current top 25 country music playlist:
  • “Flesh and Blood” – Adam Hood – bad days are better
  • “Dig a little deeper into the well” – Dailey & Vincent – Let’s sing country!
  • “Back to the Honky Tonks” – Wesley Hanna – Brand new love potion
  • “Kentucky Blue” – Brit Taylor – Kentucky Blue (2-3-23)
  • “Long Journey Home” – Billy Strings – Me / and / Dad (11-18)
  • “The Cock and the Hen” – Emily Nenni – At the ranch
  • “Rock Bottom” – Alex Williams – Make peace
  • “Ramblin’ Soul” – Melissa Carper – Ramblin’Soul (11-18)
  • “Sounds like something I would do” – Drake Milligan – Dallas/Fort Worth
  • “I dream of you” – Kimmi Bitter – (Single)
  • “Reverse Cowgirl” – Jon Pardi – Mr Saturday night
  • “The Lovers’ Game – The War and the Treaty – (Single)
  • “Victim” – Courtney Patton – Electrostatic
  • “Just Like Honey” – Charley Crockett – The Waco Man
  • “Tie Me Up” – Sunny Sweeney – married alone
  • “Better Things To Do” – The Shootings, Marty Stuart – stampede (2-24-23)
  • “Above You” – Gabe Lee – The Hometown Kid
  • “Ships in Harbour” – Tommy Prine – (Single)
  • “My mistake” – Seth Jones – (Single)
  • “Bonfire At Tina’s” – Ashley McBryde (and more) – Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville
  • “Another bad apple” – Ward Davis – (Single)
  • “Cypress Hills and the Big Country” – Colter Wall – (Single)
  • “Hell Bent on Hard Times” – Kendell Marvel – go sun
  • “Anabelle” – Memphis Kee – (Single)
  • “Last Local Inhabitant” – Colton Venner – (Single)
  • “Stars” – John Fullbright – The liar
  • “Oklahoma Smokeshow” – Zach Bryan – summer blues


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