Newest Additions to Saving Country’s Current Top 25 Playlist (#103)


The Saving Country Music Top 25 playlist is designed to keep you up to date with all the best songs and albums coming out right here in country and roots music. It’s available on most streaming formats (see below), or you can simply use the song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to. New songs have just been added.

Latest additions:

Matt Daniel “Meteorologist” – This Texan songwriter is definitely one to check out and put on your radar. Matt Daniel is a great mix of good writing and a honky tonk sound. The swinging “Weatherman” is a heartbreaking song about becoming a weather lover. On Daniel’s debut album All I will need.

The Slocan Ramblers – “You Said Goodbye” – A great little fast bluegrass number with a heartbreaking country heart, “You Said Goodbye” is taken from The Slocan Rambler’s new album Up the hill and through the fog. Yet another promising young band that gives us a lot to look forward to in the future of bluegrass.

Arlo McKinley with Logan Halstead – “Homecoming” – Wow, what an epic song this is, featuring one of Appalachia’s mainstay songwriters in Arlo McKinley, and one of the fastest newcomers in Logan Halstead. Off Arlo’s next album This mess we’re in released July 15.

Stacy Antonel – “Always the Stranger” – Antonel’s spot on the playlist is refreshed with the title track from his just-released jazz-infused album that gives you Western Swing and smart country vibes. About never feeling like you belong anywhere, this song fits right into the Top 25 playlist.

Brent Cobb – “Wild and Blue” – A big John Anderson debut hit written by John Scott Sherrill, it hit No. 1 in 1982. The Steel Woods also recorded in 2017. Brent Cobb puts that sweet sweaty Georgia spit polish on it for the next John Tribute to Anderson, Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson released on August 5.

Sunny Sweeney featuring Paul Cauthen – “One Song Can’t Fix Everything”“I was walking into my hotel elevator as we were leaving Chicago after a great run, and this title came to mind,” Sweeney talks about the song she co-wrote with Lori McKenna. “It’s just about trying to find those three minutes of happiness that you get from relating to something and getting out of your daily life. By letting go, it can feel like it’s going to be okay, although, in the end, this may not be the case. Off Sweeney’s next album married alone out September 23.

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The Saving Country Music Top 25 playlist lives primarily on Spotify, but is also available to those who use Amazon Music, Youtube, Apple Musicand Tide. For those who don’t stream music, you can still find the song recommendations in list form below.

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Note: The songs in this playlist are designed for listening pleasure and fluency. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving the current top 25 country music playlist:
  • “Russell County Line” – 49 Winchester – Fortune favors the brave
  • “Always the Outsider” – Stacy Antonel – always the stranger
  • “You Said Goodbye” – The Slocan Ramblers – Up the hill and through the fog
  • “Biloxi by two” – Ellis Bullard – Piss-Hot Freightlining Country Music
  • “Weather” – Matt Daniel – All I will need
  • “Sad Songs” – Jaelee Roberts – Something you didn’t count on
  • “Heavy Eyes” – Zach Bryan – American grief
  • “Homecoming” – Arlo McKinley with Logan Halstead – This mess we’re in (7-15)
  • “Jackson” – Kaitlin Butts – What else can she do?
  • “Sons of Appalachia” – Tim Goodin – Sons of Appalachia PE
  • “I’m Going Crazy” – Jordan Foster – I need a train
  • “One song can’t fix everything” – Sunny Sweeney with Paul Cauthen – married alone (9-23)
  • “Bourbon Whiskey” – William Beckmann – faded memories
  • “Twisted Tree” – Molly Tuttle – twisted tree
  • “Dusty Bottles” – Willie Nelson – a beautiful moment
  • “Alone In Person” – Charley Crockett – Lil GL’s Gifts: Jukebox Charley
  • “June 12” – Lyle Lovett – June 12 (5-13)
  • “In Texas with a Band” – Brennen Leigh with Asleep at the Wheel – Obsessed with the West
  • “Scale These Walls” – Caroline Spence – True North
  • “Half Grown Up” – Zach Bryan – American grief
  • “Sweet Baby Girl” – Kelsey Walson – No regular dog (8-12)
  • “Found in a bar” – Joshua Hedley – neon blue
  • “Ballad of a Retired Man” – Ian Noe – Mad of the rivers and saints of the mountains
  • “Gone” – Michelle Rivers – chasing somewhere (7-8)
  • “Wild and Blue” – Brent Cobb – Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson (8-5)
  • “Beyond the Stars” – Tami Neilson, Willie Nelson – Kingmaker (7-15)
  • “Harder Things” – Adam Hood, Miranda Lambert – bad days are better (to be determined)


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