NEWSPORT DAILY-Rising country music star set to return to Savannah in the Round


It was amazing, I played Gympie a few days ago and it was amazing.

Staying there and having this tent full (of people), and everyone singing my songs with me… I thought to myself it felt a bit like a dream. It’s what I always wanted.

That’s why I jumped into the deep end, sped up my work and went to music.

NP: You are known as an extremely approachable, approachable and fan-friendly country singer, is it fair to say that they are some of the ingredients behind your continued success?

JJ: When I started this chapter of my musical journey, I really wanted to be as authentic and unfiltered as possible. I like those who support me and my music to feel that they know me and have a real sense of who I am through my music.

NP: James 12 months ago you told me that Savannah in the Round was the first country music festival you attended. What are your memories of last year’s performance and how does it feel to return to the festival that provided you with a serious launch pad?

JJ: That’s very true. Savannah was the first big stage I played on as a country music artist, and it was an amazing feeling, it was definitely a looping moment when I stood on that big stage.

To be able to come back 12 months later and play a slot later and play in front of Brad Paisley is truly amazing.

I also feel like I have a show that is on a whole different level than the one I put on 12 months ago. So it’s really exciting. I feel privileged to be back and can’t wait to say hello to everyone who has been there for me since day one.

NP: During our interview last year, you revealed that your serious ambition was to move to Nashville and pursue that next step in your career. Well, that time has now come. What does the future move look like for you?

JJ: I think at every stage of my career, I always followed my instincts and my instincts always told me that I always wanted to move to Nashville.

I don’t think too much about moving. There are a lot of moving parts moving your entire family to another country is a huge undertaking.

This is also part of the adventure; What’s interesting is that over the last 12 months so many amazing things have happened for me here in Australia and I feel like I’ve built a following and a fan base.

I know when I go to Nashville it’s kind of like starting over from day one, there’s a part of me that’s terrified and a part of me that’s also extremely excited because I love the challenge of jumping into the big bath and see if I can swim.

Most likely (the move) (will) happen at the beginning of the new year.

NP: So it’s just a case of lobbying in Nashville, joining songwriting tours, playing Honkytonks and other gigs and going from there?

JJ: Exactly. I’m not walking there in a record deal (when I get there) and at the same time I’m also walking there without a plan B.

If it doesn’t work, we pack up, go home, and head to the next chapter, but I’m pretty determined to make it work.

NP: I know that despite the future move, you are extremely keen to ensure that such a move does not in any way mean that you suddenly abandon your Australian fans or your support base…

DD: 100%. It’s something I’m really aware of, as is my manager Beau. This decision is in no way about forgetting my roots or my Australian fans. It’s more about taking that next step in my career.

I definitely am not and have no intention of going to America and forgetting about my Australian fans.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. My team and I are currently setting up a future concept entirely focused on our fans here in Australia. We think this is quite unique and has never been done before.

Can’t say too much, but it’s something to watch out for on the trail.

NP: James, as usual, a real pleasure to discuss.

JJ: Thanks Michael, can’t wait to see all the country music fans from Port Douglas to Savannah.

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